Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overview - Storm in a Cocoon

Elliot Ngok owns the largest silk factory in Guangdong during the Republic era. But he is getting old and has left his eldest son (Evergreen Mak) and daughter (Akina Hong) in charge of running the business. Unfortunately, Akina commits suicide, albeit under mysterious circumstances. Elliot’s third son, Steven Ma, returns home from his job as a military medic to manage the family business. Steven finds too many unresolved questions surrounding Akina’s death. Tavia Yeung, Akina’s good friend and a worker in the silk factory, share the same suspicions. They decide to investigate together, but what they discover are the complex relationships between the family members and factory workers. Everyone appears to be suspicious, leaving Steven to feel pressure from all sides.

A group of unmarried women at the silk factory regard Maggie Siu as their leader, yet Maggie treats Tavia as her enemy. Natalie Tong, a new worker at the factory, joins the clique of women, but she actually has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Steven is deeply attracted to Tavia’s brave and righteous character. Just as they are developing their love for each other, Tavia’s fiancé (Raymond Cho) suddenly reappears after having been missing for many years. This sets off a big storm that ultimately leads to bloodshed on the mulberry fields. The answer to Akina’s death turns out to be very surprising. As karma would have it, the family is trapped, like a silkworm in a cocoon. Steven and Tavia are determined to protect the family business, but are faced with numerous conflicts…

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Overview - Gilded Chopsticks

Wong Cho Lam has tasted many delicacies since he was young. He can easily distinguish between good and bad dishes. Unfortunately, his family’s financial woes have left him and his servant Jack Wu homeless. They resort to selling buns for a living. Consequently, they meet a street performer (Joey Meng), the city’s most beautiful lady (Nancy Wu) and a young chef (Stephanie Ho). By chance, Cho Lam also comes across the 4th Imperial Prince (Ben Wong), whom he instantly gets along with.

Cho Lam is invited to be a chef in the palace, where he encounters his greatest rival (Bob Lam). He is unexpectedly brought into the royal succession battle started by the 8th Imperial Prince (Louis Cheung). Cho Lam turns out to be Ben's lucky star, helping Ben defeat Louis time and time again. However, an accidental marriage contract quickly changes his circumstances...

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Comment: Excited to do more Historical Context posts!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Malaysian Speak

Don't understand some of the Malaysian phrases used in Outbound Love? Check out the list below:

How are you? = Apa khabar

Good morning = Selamat pagi

Bye/See you again = Jumpa lagi

Thank you = Terima kasih

Sorry/Apologize = Minta maaf

I love you = Aku cinta padamu

Annoying/troublesome = Leceh

Whatever = Cincai

I/me = Saya

Beautiful girl = Gadis cantik

Market = Pasar

Yummy  = Sedap

Stupid = Bodoh


Coconut rice (a national dish of Malaysia) = Nasi lemak

Curry chicken = Kari ayam

Spicy noodle soup = Laksa

Meat bone tea = Bak kut teh

Mixed ice = Ais batu campur (referred to as ABC)

I'm not from Malaysia, so Malaysian readers, correct me if I'm wrong!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Overview - A Time of Love


Cast: Kate Tsui, Chris Wang (Taiwan), James Wen (Taiwan)
Airing date: January 26

A car accident causes Kate Tsui to lose all her memories. She cannot even remember the people she once loved. The only thing she knows is that Chris Wang risked his life to save her in the accident, leaving him crippled and ending his auto racing career. Kate and Chris fall in love and live sweetly together. Kate believes that Chris is the right man and they prepare for their wedding. But then she encounters a Taiwanese man (James Wen) who claims that she is his girlfriend. He brings her to many places to try to revive her memory. Kate has a strange but familiar feeling at these places. Could he have been her boyfriend before the accident?


Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma
Airing date: February 2

Charmaine Sheh, a senior executive at a creative agency, receives a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend. Using her position as a superior, she coerces her subordinate, Kenneth Ma, to accompany her to the wedding. A series of crazy coincidences along the way leads Kenneth to believe that Charmaine is bringing dangerous substances to the wedding and they end up at the police station. This is where Kenneth sees a weaker side to the normally strong-willed Charmaine. By the time they leave the police station, the wedding is over, but Charmaine still insists on going to see her ex-boyfriend. Kenneth has no choice but to follow along.


Cast: Linda Chung, Yeon Jung Hoon (Korea)
Airing date: February 9

The illustrator Yeon Jung Hoon teaches Korean to foreigners as a part-time job. Linda Chung, from Hong Kong, hires him as a teacher, as she is preparing to move to Korea with her boyfriend. Yeon is initially disgusted with Linda’s spoiled attitude, but continues on with the lessons for the sake of making a living. As they interact more frequently, he discovers her adorable side and his impression of her slowly changes. At the same time, Yeon learns about a secret between Linda and her boyfriend.


Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Naomi Watanabe (Japan), Ben Wong
Airing date: February 16

Aaron Yan, from Taiwan, travels to Japan in search of the heiress (Naomi Watanabe) of a famous Japanese restaurant and her secret formula. When he finds her, he is surprised to find that she is actually an obese and unattractive woman. It turns out that in accordance to family tradition, Naomi must marry before the age of 30, otherwise the restaurant will fall into the hands of her uncle! To retain the rights to the restaurant, Aaron and Naomi agree to fake a marriage until she turns 30.

A Time of Love Theme Song
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Time of Love Theme Song

The theme song for Malaysia is "Love Not Forgotten" (愛莫忘), by Joyce Cheng.

The theme song for Singapore is "Rest Note" (休止符), by Jinny Ng.

The theme song for Korea is "Piano Cries" (鋼琴哭), by Linda Chung.

Overview - A Time of Love
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lawyers in Ancient China

Legal practitioners in ancient China were known as 訟師 or 狀師.

One of their key roles is to prepare the complaint or grievance (the legal document required to commence a lawsuit). This was because most people were illiterate and did not know how to write a proper complaint. Thus, they needed to rely on lawyers to help them.

However, lawyers in ancient China were not as well-respected as they are today. Many were scholars that had been unsuccessful in the imperial examinations. Government officials despised lawyers because they felt lawyers created an excess amount of cases and prolonged court proceedings. Laws were put in place to punish lawyers who tried to convince citizens to file frivolous lawsuits.

During the Qing Dynasty, there were the four famous lawyers in Guangdong (廣東四大狀師). They are:

Chan Mung Gut (陳夢吉): He is the most well-known because of the stories of him passed on by later generations. Many stories tell of how he helped the poor seek justice against the rich and powerful. He was given the nickname “King of Ruses” (扭計祖宗) for his brilliant tactics in court.

The young Chan Mung Gut (Jordan Chan in Word Twisters' Adventure)
The old Chan Mung Gut (Henry Lee in Return of the Silver Tongue)

Fong Tong Kan (方唐鏡): He was the rival of Chan Mung Gut and often portrayed as the antagonist in stories. The stories paint him as an arrogant and greedy man who took bribes from the affluent to oppress the poor. He was nicknamed “Adviser of Ruses” (扭計師爺).

The young Fong Tong Kan (Michael Tse in Word Twisters' Adventure)
The old Fong Tong Kan (KK Cheung in Return of the Silver Tongue)

Lau Wah Dong (劉華東): He was renowned for his powerful writings. It is said that he once wrote a grievance that made the governor immediately repeal a law that oppressed the local businesses. Lau is also known within Chinese opera circles as the author of the play “Six Nations Install a Prime Minister” (六國大封相).

Ho Dam Yu (何淡如): He was a teacher that liked to help people with their legal problems. He is famous for his interesting teaching methods and humorous poems that did not follow traditional styles.

There is another well-known lawyer – Sung Sai Kit (宋世傑). He is a fictional character from Chinese plays. He began as a court scribe, but was fired because the corrupt government officials did not like his honesty. He goes on to help poor citizens fight against wealthy bullies. Sung Sai Kit was originally a Ming Dynasty character. However,there was a real person with the same name that lived during the Qing Dynasty. Many people confused the two and eventually, the lawyer Sung Sai Kit turned into a Qing Dynasty character.

Sung Sai Kit (Cheung Tat Ming in Justice Sung)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Unrequited Love


Unconditionally sacrificing for the one you love, but never gaining a place in their heart.
Am I being a fool or are you too unsympathetic?

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Outbound Love Theme Song

The theme song for Outbound Love is a Mandarin song: "Really Want to Dislike You" (很想討厭你), sung by Lin Xia Wei.

The sub-theme song "Missing Half Step" (差半步) by Ruco Chan.

Ruco's voice is just soooo nice!

Overview - Outbound Love
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Friday, January 03, 2014

Birthdays of the Month - January

January 1 - Sunny Chan

January 4 - Eileen Yeow

January 5 - Jamie Chik

January 6 - Bernice Liu; Kelly Fu

January 7 - Lily Leung

January 8 - Charmaine Li

January 9 - Wong Cho Lam

January 11 - Louis Cheung; Ha Yu

January 13 - Samantha Ko

January 14 - Ruco Chan

January 17 - Sharon Chan

January 18 - Wu Fung

January 19 - King Kong

January 20 - Joyce Tang

January 21 - Gillian Chung

January 23 - Stanley Cheung; Jacqueline Wong

January 24 - Eddie Law

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

Life is like a bus ride. 
Some people get on, some people get off

~ Ben Wong, A Great Way to Care II

The perfect quote to describe my 2013.

Here's hoping everyone will have an exciting and prosperous new year ahead of them! May there be many fantastic people boarding your bus in 2014.