Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Every Man's Heart Has a Priscilla Wong"

Recently, a netizen wrote a post entitled "Every Man's Heart Has a Priscilla Wong" (translated below):

I think every man's heart has a Priscilla Wong
A little tomboyish, a little erratic, you and her are good friends
Will eat dinner together, eat late-night snacks together, go on vacations together
But will never spark love with

You and her seem to have some inexplicable resonance
Other people will always think that you two are a couple
But in your heart, you know it is impossible
When friends ask,
You will often say "There are some good feelings, but I only treat her as a friend"

But ask your heart
You do like her a little bit
But you also know
She does not like you at all

You two enjoy this type of relationship
The closeness of boyfriend/girlfriend, but without the responsibilities of boyfriend/girlfriend

Until one day Priscilla Wong gets together with Edwin Siu
Then you realize
"Damn, I actually like that bitch Priscilla Wong"

But unfortunately, you have missed the hundredth opportunity to be with Priscilla Wong
You can only continue to be pretend to be good friends in front of everyone
Sometimes you will banter with her and she will banter with you
But you both know that really, something has changed

A rare work opportunity comes up
You can hold Priscilla Wong's hand once again

A few days later
You look at the newspaper
And see the pictures
You smile
You cry

That friend that you secret love, but know you will never have the opportunity to be with. That friend that you are willing to do anything for, but will never ask for anything in return. That friend that you hope will never leave your side, so you can be their guardian angel.

I've already had one Priscilla Wong in my heart. I hope there will not be another.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

With or Without You Theme Song

The theme song for With or Without You is "I'm Not Good Enough" (我不够好), by Linda Chung.

Theme Song MV:

Lord of Shanghai Theme Song

The theme song for Lord of Shanghai is "Age of No Regrets" (歲月無悔), by Alfred Hui,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Overview - With or Without You

Eminent Northern Song Dynasty writer, Bobby Au-Yeung, is unable to forget about his late wife and hence, turns a blind eye to his sister-in-law, Joey Meng's active pursuit of him. However, the food lover in him is eventually swayed by Joey's braised pork dish and they finally get married. Bobby thought life would be perfect after marriage, but a slew of family problems is making his head spin! On one hand, he must worry if his sister, Jacqueline Wong, is being tricked by the flirty scholar, Vincent Wong. On the other hand, he is concerned that his other sister, Harriet Yeung, is still hung up on Tyson Chak,who is now the husband of a "lioness" wife, Alice Chan. On top of that, his son does not accept Joey as his step-mother and always makes a fuss about it. Besides hi family problems, Bobby also has to deal with the politics in the imperial court. He is constantly engaging in a battle of wits against the opposing minister, Pal Sinn. Later on, Bobby is embroiled into a treasonous plot by a Liao spy (Sire Ma). Sire purposely sows discord between Bobby and Joey. Soon after, Joey goes missing...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Overview - Lord of Shanghai

A young, red-blooded Kenneth Ma arrives on the bustling Shanghai scene alone. He soon becomes sworn brothers with small-time gangster Wayne Lai. Together, they build an empire using their fists. Kenneth’s intelligence and resourcefulness quickly earns the admiration of top triad leader Kent Tong. Kent gives Kenneth the task of seizing the opium business that he has long coveted. Relying on Wayne’s military strength, Kenneth is able to complete the mission.

Time passes quickly and a new government has taken office. The scope of the joint business between Anthony Wong (older version of Kenneth), Wayne and Kent has expanded continuously. The three of them have become Shanghai’s most powerful tycoons, but they are still feuding over the title of “#1 Tycoon”. Although Anthony’s career is thriving, he cannot win the love of famous Peking opera performer Myolie Wu. He settles for another fadan Louisa So, whom he eventually marries.

Meanwhile, dangers are lurking within the seemingly peaceful Shanghai as the Japanese plot their invasion of China. Union leader Pierre Ngo’s fight for the people deeply touches Anthony. Following the July 7 Incident, Anthony contributes his efforts and money to help his country. The present situation causes Anthony and Wayne to drift apart. Their brotherhood breaks down completely when Wayne decides to betray his country. After the war and the liberation of Shangahi, Anthony has risen from a nameless nobody to a legendary lord of Shanghai. However, he is betrayed by his closest disciple Ron Ng, who accuses him of being a traitor. Anthony is forced to leave everything behind and escape to Hong Kong, retreating to a plain life…

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

With or Without You Promo Clips

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