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Overview - Daddy Dearest

The profit-oriented Johnson Lee brings his son home because his ex-wife is remarrying. Johnson lacks experience in raising a child, but wants to set a good example for his son. He inevitably feels at a loss. Fortunately, he meets Mandy Wong, who runs an education centre. With the help of Mandy, Johnson slowly learns how to be a responsible father. At the same time, he is in danger of becoming unemployed...

On the other hand, successful architect Jason Chan is dedicated to his job, leaving family matters to his father (Pat Poon) and wife (Candice Chiu). But when his daughter loses in a music competition and his son prepares to enter primary school, it sets off a battle between the in-laws. Jason intervenes and decides to switch places with Candice. He learns how to be a stay-at-home father and understand the needs of his children...

Coincidentally, the unemployed Johnson takes over Mandy's education centre, hoping to find success in the education industry. He meets the new stay-at-home father Jason. The two of them support each other as they hit bumps on the road to learning how to be a father, interwoven with tears and joy...

Overview - A Fist Within Four Walls

Bearing the pain of having lost his family, Ruco Chan returns to the Walled City in hopes of finding his long-lost sister. The neighbourhood that he grew up in has become an unruly place dominated by evil forces. Ruco conceals his background as a disciple of "Eight Extremities Fist". Using a new identity, he meets feisty hair salon owner Nancy Wu, dentist Benjamin Yuen and labourer Jazz Lam. He also gains recognition from martial arts master Yuen Qiu.

In order to re-establish order in the Walled City, Ruco forms an association to stand up against the evil forces. This puts him in conflict with Yuen Qiu's son, Philip Ng, a champion black market fighter. Just as things appear to get on track, a key member of the triad is mysteriously killed with Eight Extremities Fist. Ruco and Nancy team up to investigate and discovers a connection to Grace Wong, who leads a striptease troupe. Subsequently, the truth about the death of Ruco's father is revealed. But what Ruco cannot get over is that someone close to him is part of an extremely cruel assassin organization. At the same time, he is forced into a preordained battle with his buddy that is 15 years late...

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A Fist Within Four Walls Theme Song

The theme song for A Fist Within Four Walls is sung by Ruco Chan, entitled "Siege" (圍城).

Theme Song MV:

The sub-theme song is "Never Knew You Were the Best" (從未知道你最好), by Ruco and Nancy Wu.

Find out who has sung the most TVB theme songs in recent years!

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Promos for myTV Super Broadcast

Trailer @ myTV Super All Star Summer

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4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Birthday to Casual TVB! 

This past year, I have not been very active, but I am still glad that I have been able to keep this blog running. Casual TVB had exactly 100 posts this year. Most of them were routine posts for series, like overviews and promo clips, but there were still a few fun ones that I enjoyed.

My favourite posts from this year:
1. Where in the World is Tony Hung?
2. Theme Songs Analysis
3. Every Man's Heart Has a Priscilla Wong
4. Dr. Marcus Kwok

Thank you again for continuing to support Casual TVB!

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Theme Songs Analysis

Been wondering just how many TVB theme songs Jinny Ng has sung? 

  • Between January 2014 to July 2016, there have been 92 official theme and sub-theme songs performed for TVB series. 
  • The Voice Entertainment's "Big Four" (Alfred Hui, Fred Cheng, Hubert Wu, Jinny Ng) accounted for 33 of those songs, over a third. 
  • Jinny Ng has sung 9 theme and subtheme songs, the most of any artist. 
  • Alfred Hui and Fred Cheng are tied at second with 8.5 songs each. Hubert Wu comes in third with 7 songs. 
  • Fred Cheng has sung the most theme songs of any artist, with 6.5 songs. Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu both have 5.5 theme songs. 
  • Auston Lam's 6 subtheme songs are all from Come Home Love. Jinny Ng has the second most subtheme songs, with four. 
  • Artists who participated in at least two songs are shown in the graph. These 18 artists accounted for 73.5 songs, or 80%. 
  • Approximately 25 other artists account for the remaining 18.5 songs. ("Approximately" because some songs featured an ensemble of artists.)

The analysis includes the official theme and sub-theme songs from series that aired from January 2014 to July 2016. It includes Come Home Love, Return of the Silver Tongue and Coffee Cat Mama, up to Between Love & Desire. Only artists who have participated in at least two songs are shown in the graph.

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Between Love & Desire Theme Song

The theme song for Between Love & Desire is "The Last Break-up" (最後一次分手) by Jinny Ng.

Overview - Between Love & Desire

The unbeatable lawyer Moses Chan believes that mastery in the legal arena is equivalent to mastery of life and that he can build a perfect life with his wife Maggie Siu. Unfortunately, when their pace and goals fall out of sync, betrayal happens and the perfect world crumbles down!

Now a law firm partner, Moses and his younger brother Brian Chu hit an impasse in life when they were younger. As a result, Moses vowed to climb to the pinnacle of power. To achieve his goal, Moses, who is good at controlling situations, handles matters without consideration of other people's feelings. Observing Moses' change in character, Maggie, who has always silently supported him, and Brian, who overcame hardship with him, gradually feel estranged.

Later, Maggie's mother passes away. Ben Wong, a long-time admirer of Maggie, breaks into her inner world. Ben, who is also a lawyer, cannot compare with Moses in terms of status and reputation, but he is able to provide for Maggie's emotional needs. Since then, Moses' family has been filled with suspicion and lies. Maggie decides to leave and is mysteriously attacked. She suspects the mastermind is the person that has been sleeping beside her - Moses! A series of events pushes Moses towards despair...

In the end, to save his relationship and search for his true life, Moses decides to start the journey from his heart and recover his lost sincerity.