Monday, January 30, 2017

Miriam Yeung @ Ronald Cheng Concert

Miriam Yeung appeared as a guest at Ronald Cheng's Play It Again concert at the Hong Kong Colisuem. The ex-lovers sang two songs. It's good to see these two performing together again!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Overview - Burning Hands

Since their youth, Ruco Chan, Rosina Lam and Joel Chan have been learning con-artist tricks from their mentor Pat Poon. Ruco and Rosina have already reached the stage of discussing marriage, but a competition causes them to break-up and become estranged. Later, the chairman of an entertainment resort, Pal Sinn, colludes with Pat to set up a scheme in order to find a mole. Ruco and Joel are forced to conduct a secret mission, in which they not only re-encounter Rosina, but also develop a relationship with Pal's daughter, Kelly Fu. Combining everyone's different talents and skills, they eventually figure out that the mole is either Pal's right-hand man (Geoffrey Wong), soulmate (Rebecca Chan) or a business competitor. But the matters before one eyes are often inconsistent with the truth. Ruco infiltrates Pal's corporation to investigate the truth behind why Pal killed his father (Hugo Ng) twenty years ago. With danger lurking in every corner, the entertainment resort is about to be rocked by massive changes. Friends become enemies, mentor and mentee severe their relationship, and father and son have irreconcilable differences...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sunday, January 08, 2017

May Fortune Smile On You Theme Song

The theme song for May Fortune Smile On You is "The God of Fortune Has Arrived" (財神駕到), by Wayne Lai, Amy Fan, Pal Sinn, Matthew Ho and Kelly Fu.

Overview - May Fortune Smile On You

One mistake by the God of Fortune changes the fates of Wayne Lai and Pal Sinn. Pal becomes rich and prosperous, while Wayne's wife and daughter leaves him and he now runs a street noodle shop alone. One day, Wayne meets Pal's son, Matthew Ho, and the two of them feel an inexplicable bond. But because of his father's objection, Matthew, along with his bodyguard Jack Wu, can only help out Wayne in secret. Matthew makes special arrangements for Wayne's god-daughter, Kelly Fu, to go work at his father's company. It turns out that Matthew is the incarnation of the God of Fortune. Although he has lost his magic powers, he still brings good luck to the people around him. Unfortunately, his step-mother, Claire Yiu, is the incarnation of the evil spirit and prevents Matthew from getting close to Wayne. Claire arranges for Winki Lai to pretend to be Wayne's long-lost daughter in order to make him lose everything. By heaven's kindness, Matthew is hit with lightning and enlightened just in time to fix the mistake before it's too late. He helps Wayne become rich, but Wayne keeps generously helping other people and cannot accumulate wealth. Matthew decides to catch everyone in one cast and reforms Congratulations Lane, where Wayne lives, to make everyone rich...

Monday, January 02, 2017

Recipes to Live By Theme Song

The theme song for Recipes to Live By is by Maria Cordero, entitled "Taste Bestowed by Heaven" (天賜的滋味)

It sounds like Maria is reciting the lyrics instead of singing it >.<

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Overview - Recipes to Live By

Born with a golden tongue and able to distinguish between good and bad dishes from one bite, Tony Hung is upset that his adoptive father Ram Chiang has forbidden him from being a chef. When he hears about a cooking contest in Yangzhou, he asks Sisley Choi to disguise as a man and substitute for him in the competition. As a result, he wins the admiration of famous chef Hugo Wong. Tony and Hugo work together to create new dishes, which helps Hugo win the Golden Lotus Flower, culinary's highest honour, many times in a row. As they become famous, they meet new friends who are also interested in food, like the daughter of a wealthy family (Stephanie Ho) and a famous female chef (Rebecca Zhu). Stephanie has a crush on Tony, while Tony admires Sisley, but Sisley likes Hugo, causing Tony to decide to break with Hugo and work on his own. But things turn out differently from what he planned. Tony is framed by Sisley and loses his golden tongue abilities. Later, he is revealed to be the descendant of a formerly famous chef. Tony vows to clear his father's name, even if he has to pay the price of being deserted by everyone.