Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tomorrow Is Another Day Theme Song

The theme song shares the same Chinese title as the series, "Battle Again Tomorrow" (再戰明天), performed by Alfred Hui.

Alfred also sings the ending theme song, "Shackles" (枷鎖). It uses the same music as the theme song with different lyrics.

Is TVB too lazy to compose new music for the ending song now?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Overview - Tomorrow Is Another Day

Senior correctional officer Lawrence Ng is stationed at the Stanley Prison and is in charge of prisoner discipline. Clashing with prisoners every day, he is under heavy pressure and must act carefully every step of the way. In contrast, his subordinate Vincent Wong frequently ignores the rules and has close contact with the prisoners, even developing a relationship with one of them. This causes a lot of tension between him and Lawrence.

Kate Tsui, who works at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution, has known Lawrence for many years. Despite their ten year age gap, she bravely expresses her love for him, but is met with his swift rejection. Lawrence's friend and colleague, Kenny Wong, who works in the Rehabilitation Division, knows that Lawrence is only using his sister (Jacqueline Wong) as an excuse to avoid new relationships because of his previous failed marriage. But Kenny is too busy with his own family problems to offer much help. Luckily, Kenny has the support of Lawrence's ex-wife (Jade Leung) and his colleague Tracy Chu.

The ordeals inside and outside the prison cell lead to complicated stories that most people cannot understand. With a large riot waiting to break out, Lawrence and his colleagues' lives are put into danger. In the end, can they overcome the challenges and complete their mission?

Tomorrow Is Another Day Promo Clips

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rear Mirror Thoughts

Good luck finding such intimacy between the two leads in this series.

Producer: Fong Chun-chiu
Genre: Modern, romance
Cast: Wayne Lai, Louisa So, Tony Hung, Natalie Tong

  • An analogy to describe Rear Mirror: a minibus moves slower than a race car, but for some people, it is an acceptable mode of transportation. Translation: If you want a simple drama to relax with, this is a good one; if you're looking for a thriller, look somewhere else. 
  • The romance between Wayne and Louisa has been described as "subtle". Subtle is the right word, if it meant barely existent. You can convince me that they have a deep friendship, but I'd be hard-pressed to believe romance is in the air for those two.
  • The family infighting plot adds some much-needed drama to the series, but at its core, it is just another formulaic TVB storyline. 
  • The abrupt change (or better to say, revelation) of Chung King-fai's character in the end was uncalled for. If the writers wanted a devious plot, they needed to give it more development. But in my opinion, such a plot does not fit with the overall atmosphere of the series.
  • Wayne Lai looks rather bored, or he is very tired. Either way, it felt like he was acting in his sleep. At times, there were flashes of "Chai Gau" from Rosy Business, which is not appropriate for his character in here.
  • Louisa So is a respectable actress, but she just didn't radiate the charm as leading lady. 
  • Tony Hung has proven himself to be a decent actor. He did a good job as a shy introvert with his hesitation and hand-wringing.
  • Natalie Tong has quietly been improving. An enjoyable performance and good chemistry with Tony.
  • This must be the third or fourth time Elaine Yiu has played the ex-girlfriend/ex-wife type.
  • I found Ram Chiang to be a little on the odd side. I don't get why his character always had the suspicious look. Would understand if he was in on the scheme by Chung King-fai, but he wasn't.
  • Amy Fan reminds me of Margie Tsang (Note: Margie was Roger Kwok's elder sister in D.I.E.)
  • It's a bit tiresome seeing the same veteran actors in every single drama, such as KK Cheung, Mary Hon, Lau Kong, etc.
  • Overall, another small production that will be forgotten soon enough. 

Rating: 2/5

Too lazy to write a proper review, but since some of you are asking, I decided just to share some of my thoughts on Rear Mirror.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Move On

Let go of the past and give yourself a chance to have a fresh start.

But to let go does not mean to forget.
Because some memories are worth remembering for a lifetime.


Monday, September 15, 2014

TVB's Most Unlucky Bride

Forensic Heroes II - Bride killed in an explosion

L'Escargot - Bride caught cheating

Posted Image
Brother's Keeper - Boyfriend caught cheating

All That Is Bitter Is Sweet - Groom dies from poisoning

More unluckiness - The Bobby Curse
Maybe a lucky charm will help? - Lucky Charm Jessica Hsuan

Monday, September 08, 2014

TVB Fans Party 2014

This year, I was really lucky to win tickets to the TVB Fans Party, hosted by Fairchild TV. Lawrence Ng, Fred Cheng and Edwin Siu were the performers. (See photos from their autograph session.)

The show started at around 8:30 pm with trailers for the current series Line Walker and All That Is Bitter Is Sweet. Then the stars were introduced with a montage of their recent roles. They came out one-by-one to throw T-shirts into the crowd. Lawrence accidentally flung his bracelet into the crowd too!

A few lucky audience members were picked to go on stage to play games with the stars. In the first game, they had to roll a dice and answer questions to advance their game piece on a board. For the second game, they had to transport tennis balls through plastic tubes worn on their bodies. The final game was charades using the titles of TVB dramas. Edwin's team won all three games.

The most anticipated part of the night was certainly the singing portions. Fred was up first. The first song that he sang is a yet-to-be-released track from his upcoming album, "Place" (地方), also the sub-theme song of Overachievers. He also performed "Nobody" (無名氏) and "Panda" (熊貓). 

Edwin sang the theme songs of Daddy Good Deeds and Brother's Keeper, as well as a Mandarin song called "Dream to Awakening" (夢醒時分). 

Lawrence was the final performer of the night. Since his role in Never Dance Alone was named "Alan", he chose two classic songs by Alan Tam, "Love of My Life" (一生中最愛) and "Roots of Love" (愛的根源). Finally, he sang David Tao's "Love Is Simple" (愛很簡單), which he said was the love song belonging to him and his wife. 

At the end, they handed out more T-shirts and posters to the audience. I couldn't get any of the gifts, but at least I got some close-up shots of the three stars! 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

TVB Stars @ Toronto 2014

Lawrence Ng, Fred Cheng and Edwin Siu are this year's performers for Fairchild TV's TVB Fans Party. (See the guests from last year.) Here are the photos from their autograph session in Toronto.

Lawrence talks about his experience filming Battle Again Tomorrow. Edwin confirms Overachievers will be this year's anniversary series. Fred talks about his upcoming concert in November.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

All That Is Bitter Is Sweet Theme Song

The theme song for All That Is Bitter Is Sweet is "Heart Medicine" (心藥), performed by Teresa Cheung.

The sub-theme song "Big Love" (大愛) is sung and composed by Linda Chung.

Love Has No Boundaries

True love should not have any boundaries

That includes gender.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

StarHub TVB Awards 2014

It's that time of year again - the first day of school the StarHub Awards! Voting runs until October 8 (vote here). Only those with Singapore ID can vote, but that won't stop me from making my picks:

Favourite Actress

So happy that Carman Lee is on the ballot!

Runner-up: I'll go with Charmaine Sheh who has been missed at TVB.
Least favourite: Priscilla Wong.
Notable Omissions: Surprising that Selena Li is not on the list, considering she filmed a Singaporean drama too.

Favourite Actor

Roger Kwok is the hot favourite right now. He can do good roles and evil roles equally well.

Runner-up: Sexy Ruco Chan.
Least favourite: Don't know why I never liked Raymond Wong.
Notable Omissions: Raymond Lam kicked off the list now that his contract is over.

Favourite Supporting Actress

I'll give my vote to Elena Kong. Her role in Bounty Lady was quite refreshing from her usual roles.

Runner-up: Mandy Wong or Nancy Wu.
Least favourite: Sharon Chan was not convincing as a high-ranking madam at all.
Notable Omission: May Chan is adorable in Bounty Lady or Black Heart White Soul.

Favourite Supporting Actor

Louis Cheung really did a good job in both Black Heart White Soul and Brother's Keeper.

Runner-up: Hard to choose... everyone is a solid actor.
Least favourite: Jason Chan wins by a landslide.
Notable Omission: Tony Hung deserves a mention for his role in Rear Mirror.

Favourite Female Character

Carman Lee. Probably the only housewife character I'll love so much.

Runner-up: Charmaine is really working her charm in Line Walker.
Least favourite: Priscilla Wong in Swipe Tap Love.
Notable Omission: Any of the other ladies in Never Dance Alone.

Favourite Male Character

It has to be Roger Kwok from Black Heart White Soul. Love that inner evilness!

Runner-up: Ruco Chan, although he was more charismatic in Ruse of Engagement
Least favourite: Disliked Edwin Siu's character in Brother's Keeper
Notable Omission: No Wayne Lai?

Favourite Drama

Black Heart White Soul was dark and thrilling.

Runner-up: Never Dance Alone got a 5/5 review.
Least favourite: The Ultimate Addiction was The Ultimate Flop.
Notable Omission: Will Power was good for the most part.

Favourite Couple

Some weird nominations (why does Kristal get two nominations?)... Guess I'll have to choose Carman & Lawrence, even though it should be the other Lawrence.

Runner-up: Roger Kwok & Kristal Tin
Least favourite: Priscilla Wong & Raymond Wong. Two of my least favourite actors together.
Notable Omission: Stevia fans should be up in arms.

Favourite Theme Song

Hands down "Sequel" by Joey Yung.

Runner-up: "Heaven's Will" by Steven Ma
Least favourite: "Rest Note" by Jinny Ng. Please stop letting her sing theme songs.
Notable Omission: I suppose Journey to the West is not eligible for nominations, otherwise Alfred Hui's "Convoy" is a good song.

Favourite Variety Show Categories

As usual, no picks for these categories, but I will commend Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk, which has been surprisingly entertaining.