Sunday, February 16, 2020

Overview - Forensic Heroes IV

Senior chemist Raymond Wong of the Forensic Science Division, senior forensic pathologist Selena Li of the Forensic Pathology Division, and CID Senior Inspector Shaun Tam are a crime-fighting trio. They lead elite teams that use forensic science to reveal astonishing plots, pathology to crack the hidden code of the human body, and a rigorous spirit of upholding the law to reveal the shocking truth of crimes! Passionate reporter Roxanne Tong's childhood regrets is closely connected to Raymond. Forensic expert Alice Chan is betrayed by her beloved and becomes a murder suspect... Mysteries and strange cases intertwine, scenes of cold-blooded acts are frightening! The heavens are watching what people are doing. The crime-fighting trio steadfastly believe that "Evil cannot defeat good, hate cannot resist kindness." They vow to speak for the dead and clear the name of survivors!