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Overview - Come Home Love: Lo and Behold

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Lau Dan, starting from the bottom, established his own logistics company, which is now running smoothly. His only concern now are his three daughters. His eldest daughter has immigrated overseas. His second daughter (Koni Lui) has reached the marriageable age, but has no hopes for marriage anytime soon. She is constantly bickering with her younger sister (Andrea So), who is an honour student, over trivial matters, causing their father to not know whether to laugh or cry. Pal Sinn, Lau Dan's brother, moves in with the family, temporarily ending his life as a nomadic photographer. He joins Koni's company and encounters Angela Tong, the director of an online shop. The two appear to be former lovers, making for lots of laughter. Since Pal moved in, a series of strange events have occurred in the family. Upon investigation, the source is traced to Andrew Chan, a promising young man who is the son of department store mogul Law Lok Lam. Unfortunately, Andrew died in a car crash and Pal recorded the important moment, thereby turning everything on its head for his ordinary family...

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Overview - Destination Nowhere

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CID Inspector Kevin Cheng rose quickly through the police ranks due to luck. Ever since his brother and sister-in-law died in a car crash, he took on the responsibility of caring for his niece, Winki Lai. Thus, in every operation, he puts safety first. But while investigating a strange abduction case, Kevin, along with news reporter Kristal Tin, get caught up in a collusion scheme between government officials and businesses. Danger springs up all around. In the process, King Kong, a silly criminal who once blackmailed Kristal, and his friends, Louis Yuen and Tyson Chak, become murder suspects. Kristal and her mentee James Ng were going to expose the truth to the public, but they suddenly stop. Kevin tries to investigate further into the abduction case, but discovers that Kristal is concealing information. The two begin a hide-and-seek battle of the wits with a haze of ambiguity and suspicion...

Destination Nowhere Theme Song

The theme song for Destination Nowhere is "Lost" (迷), by Fred Cheng.

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Tiger Mom Blues Theme Song

The theme song for Tiger Mom Blues is by Edwin Siu, entitled "Unchanging Love" (不變的愛).

Opening MV:

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Destination Nowhere Promo Clips

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Overview - Tiger Mom Blues

Full-time mom Elena Kong grew up under the strict discipline of first-generation tiger mom Michelle Yim. She unintentionally formulates a series of monster-style rules for her two daughters, causing resentment from her elder daughter (Kamen Kong). Mother and daughter are constantly at war with each other. Husband Ben Wong normally plays the role of mediator to ease the tension, but he is facing a mid-life crisis and the temptation to have an extramarital affair. The couple head towards separation... Elena is not just strict at home, she is also tough to outsiders. She fights bitterly with Koni Lui at the parent-teacher association. Luckily, Sharon Chan, a  fearless disciplinary mistress, capably handles the situation and eventually turns the two tiger moms into friends who share with each other the little known hardships of being a tiger mom. Elena wholeheartedly forges a path for her daughter to become a talented woman, but discovers that Kamen is dating Sharon's younger brother, Matthew Ho. Elena joins forces with Sharon to break up the young couple. A secret that has been kept for over ten years is exposed, driving the mother-daughter relationship to the brink of collapse...