Monday, February 25, 2019

The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady Theme Song

The theme song for The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady is "Secretly Love Me" (暗中愛我), by Jinny Ng.

Adia Chan sings the sub-theme song, "Have You, Will Have You" (有我便有你).

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Overview - The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady

During the early colonial years, the first Chinese-born Lady (Adia Chan) falls into dire straits after her husband loses power and goes missing. Adia winds up in Yau Ma Tei, a complicated neighbourhood with many different kinds of people. When a prostitute is murdered with a modus operendi similar to a British serial killer, lead watchman Tsui Wing accuses Adia of being the killer! Adia is imprisoned, but luckily, her former housekeeper Ben Wong helps clear her name. Adia re-encounters her estranged younger sister (Alice Chan), adopts an orphan (Kaman Kong) and lives a commoner lifestyle alongside neighbours Jeannie Chan and Dickson Yu. The killer re-emerges and Adia uses her "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" mind to investigate. She discovers that the case is not simple. Her husband and Ben may be suspects! The killer issues a provoking letter stating that the next target will be...