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TVB Sales Presentation 2017

The Unholy Alliance

Nina Paw is in charge of a large, powerful corporation. In coordination with other powerful figures, she controls the entire society from behind the scenes. Having done evil things, she is afraid that it will bring harm to her family. She is willing to sacrifice and gives up her biological son, Ruco Chan. She later adopts an orphan, Joel Chan, as a spiritual substitute. The two mother-son relationships become entangled into a story of blood and tears...

With family members fighting against each other, Samuel Kwok is unwilling to be just a vassal. He conspires with outsiders to turn against them. His daughter, Elaine Yiu, bearing the burden of the original sin, has a thorny romantic life...

Nina tries to change her ways and find justice and stability for her descendants. Her female bodyguard, Nancy Wu, tries to help her detach from the chaotic, interest-oriented world, but Nina discovers that she does not control everything and that there is someone else behind the scenes...

Besides the pleasant Taiwan scenery, there are gun battles, diving and speeding cars that are a feast for the eyes, as well as displaying martial arts techniques such as Krav Maga from Israel and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The series aims to be refreshing for the audience and to make them feel passionate!

Interest level: 3.5/5. Sounds like the Overachievers-type drama that usually disappoint. 

The Unlawful Justice Squad

Lady Justice wears a blindfold, signifying equality, righteousness and non-discrimination as the spirit of the law.

Blind lawyer Vincent Wong has an extraordinary sense of touch that exceeds what one can see with their eyes. Owen Cheung is a private investigator that uses grey-area tactics to obtain evidence. The two are roommates and partners in investigation, and have a bromance. Not even Sisley Choi, a paralegal with a triad background, can squeeze in between their friendship. Ali Lee, a liberal judge who goes against the legal industry's conservative culture, has an ambiguous love relationship with the two men.

Interest level: 3/5. Can't wait to see how TVB screws up the law yet again. 

Oh My Grad

The school founded by Wu Fung and Helena Law, veterans in the education industry, is facing closure. Their eldest son, Roger Kwok, is passionate about education, while younger son, Bob Lam, is a popular tutor. The two of them are tasked with turning the school around. Public relations queen Ada Choi's method of handling matters is diametrically opposite from Roger's style, which leads to conflict, but they still mutually admire each other.

The students and teachers at the school each have different stories... the father-daughter teaching duo of Ram Chiang and Mag Lam, the Thai-Chinese transfer student Eliza Sam, the brash and unkempt Joyce Cheng, and the mysterious Wong Cho Lam who appears and disappears randomly... knitting together a heart-warming yet weird experience.

Continuing the Inbound franchise's concern for social issues, with higher education as the stage, the series uses a light-hearted approach to talk about the education system that changed overnight, the absurd behaviour of monster parents and the miserable life of Hong Kong children, and reflects on the joys and pains of teachers. Each character is by our side, giving the audience a sense of familiarity and resonance.

The story involves the equal rights under the law of special groups. These "special groups" are commonly encountered, including the elderly, women and children, the disabled, those with mental disorders and transgender people. In order to defend justice, the four main characters use borderline tactics and different perspectives to trigger the audience's thoughts on ethics.

Interest level: 0/5. This series should be named "Oh My Gawd Why Is This Being Made?". 

Descending Demons Taxi

Taxi driver Kenneth Ma has narrowly escaped death many times. He accidentally awakens Hubert
Wu, a spirit who has been asleep for a hundred years. Ever since, Kenneth acquires a vision that allows him to see "things" that ordinary people cannot see.

Temperamental doctor Mandy Wong is mysteriously hit by a truck and has an out-of-body experience. In order to save his crush, Kenneth bravely forges into "supernatural space" with the help of supernatural show host, Moon Lau.

A serial murder case has occurred in the city. The perpetrator is surprisingly police officer Hugo Wong... Are people hard to predict or was he influenced by demons?

Those who have the luck to ride in this "descending demons taxi", fasten your seat belts as it takes you to explore different urban legends and supernatural spaces. It is exciting yet heart-warming to follow this odd pair, Kenneth and Mandy, as they fight demons.

Interest level: 0/5. Was Blue Veins not horrible enough?

Destination Nowhere

CID officer Kevin Cheng is a little man who achieved meritorious deeds by fluke and is promoted to inspector. Opportunistic reporter Kristal Tin appears to be a blissful wife, but she is actually troubled by finances and is stuck between her daughter and second husband. The honest, dumb thief King Kong works hard to be a good person, but is forced to do desperate acts for a living. He and his partners Louis Yuen and Tyson Chak carry out a kidnapping, but abduct the wrong person. The "victim" Rachel Kan hijacks their kidnapping attempt and teaches them to kidnap her mother.

A plan that seems perfect, but along the way, there are mistakes... mistakes... mistakes...

Trying to cover up the mistakes, but instead creating even more mistakes; a supposedly loving and caring relationship, yet there is mutual suspicion. It sounds absurd, but real life is sometimes even more absurd than dramas! Using black humour to bring out a suspenseful plot and eccentric life, so surprising that you cannot stop watching.

Interest level: 3.5/5. Sounds intriguing!

Burning Hands

Life is like gambling. Win and it's money, lose and it's your life. All perspectives of life and mutual deception can be seen on the gambling table. Trust is the gambling chip, whoever is sincere is fated to be the loser!

In order to avenge his mentor, Ruco Chan, together with his sworn buddies Joel Chan and Rosina Lam, and fellow students of his mentor, each with a different specialty, challenge Gambling King Pal Sinn. But they fall into a scheme and are instead used to identify the mole in the casino.

The deeper into the story, the more intriguing it gets with schemes within schemes. The people that are closest are the people that cannot be close! It is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, a riddle that is never solved.

With filming in Macau, gambling, boxing matches, magic, speeding cars, gun battles... a teeming world that is a feast for the eyes.

Interest level: 4/5. This is the most interesting series that I look forward to!

Time Travelling Male Official

Three Ming Dynasty figures with unique talents – Edwin Siu who is highly skilled in martial arts, Raymond Cho who is intelligent and resourceful, and eunuch Matthew Ho who has exquisite culinary skills – search for the missing crown princess Grace Wong, who is being chased by an eunuch group. They accidentally travel through time and arrive in Hong Kong four centuries later! The three male officials use their ancient wisdom to help restaurant manager Kristal Tin advance in a large food corporation.

Everything seems to be settled, until they encounter a once-in-a-century fog. It is the last chance for them to return to the Ming Dynasty. Should they stay and become a modern person or return to the past and continue with the sorrowful fate that history has set for them?

Interest level: 2.5/5. There is now a mandatory time-travelling series every year. A poor man's The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow?

Revive Wulin

The Eastern Depot of the Ming Dynasty has decided to purge the wulin figures who portray themselves as chivalrous. All wulin sects are absorbed into the imperial court, heroes have vanished and eunuchs have taken over as leader of the sects.

The evil forces continue to expand, filling all of wulin with white horror. Everyone is afraid to speak out and hopes that a hero will appear to bring justice.

Edwin Siu, a storyteller who does not know martial arts, and Grace Chan, a former Eastern Depot official who had a change of heart and is skilled in martial arts, cannot stand to see this "plastic" version of wulin. They unite to lead a group of heroes who are past their prime to stand up again and save wulin together!

With a non-traditional wuxia world as the background, a series that is appropriate for ancient and modern times, it is humorous and will make people think back and smile.

Interest level: 1/5. TVB's wuxia series are a joke nowadays. 

My Ages Apart

The times change, but familial relations do not. When a middle-aged man goes back to being young, can everything really be unchanged?

The hottest investment banker Bobby Au-Yeung vows to defeat rival Moses Chan and dominate the investment industry. Because of a strange encounter, he transforms into a post-90s youth (James Ng)! Bobby poses as the illegitimate son of banking mogul Benz Hui to make his way into the bank and works his way up from the bottom, intending to become the successor. But his messy relationships with ex-wife Kristal Tin and confidant Maggie Siu, and Louis Cheung, whose identity is mysterious, are Bobby's biggest obstacles for advancement. Meanwhile, Moses, seeking to advance, marries Benz's daughter Ali Lee. The couple appears to be loving, but actually have their own ulterior motives.

A fantastical comedy for Hong Kong's 50 years, showing the conflicts between the old and new era. Only by changing our perspective can we see a different world.

Interest level: 3.5/5. May give it a try for the cast.

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TVB Calendar 2017



February - Provocateur

March - Destination Nowhere

April - The Unholy Alliance

May - The Unlawful Justice Squad


July - Line Walker: The Prelude

August - Oh My Grad

September - Heart and Greed

October - Deep in the Realm of Conscience

November - My Ages Apart


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Rogue Emperor Promo Clips

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Dead Wrong Theme Song

The theme song for Dead Wrong is "Cannot Divulge" (不可告人), by Vincent Wong

The sub-theme song is "Love Requires Courage" (愛需要勇氣), by Stephanie Ho.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Overview - Dead Wrong

Senior business consultant Roger Kwok cannot let go of the fact that he disappeared for ten years. He decides to go to Vietnam to investigate. He is accompanied by his wife Joey Meng and good friend Kenny Wong, but the local police thwart their investigation. They go through a series of dangerous situations before they can safely return home. Roger discovers that during his absence, Joey married Kenny and he is now the third party in their relationship. He has no choice but to leave his family and focuses on work to numb his pain. Fortunately, he receives support from his former apprentice, Vincent Wong, and makes a comeback in the consulting world. He develops an ambiguous relationship with his boss, Rebecca Zhu. But Roger is still bothered by his disappearance which left him stranded on an island. He decides to re-open his investigation and finally discovers some unexpected clues, leading him down a path for revenge with no turning back...

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