Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Limelight Years Theme Song

Liza Wang revealed that TVB invited Anthony Lun to specially compose three songs for Limelight Years.

The theme song is entitled "Gorgeous Turnaround" (華麗轉身).

The ending theme song is called "Galaxy" (銀河).

The third song is "Flashing Appearance" (閃爍登場).

The English sub-theme song is called "Here For You", sung by Noella Choi.

Jonathan Wong wrote and sang "Haven", the English version of the Limelight Years theme song.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Overview - Limelight Years

Liza Wang, the pop queen of her generation, has been through two marriages and has a son and two daughters. After recovering from a serious illness, she realizes that she is lonely behind the limelight. Reflecting on her life, she musters up the courage to travel to Taiwan to repair the relationship with her eldest daughter. In Taiwan, she meets the photographer Damian Lau, who is there to fulfill his late wife Michelle Yim's wish of returning home. When the ordinary meets the extraordinary, they develop a mutually supportive bond. Liza is inspired by Damian to hold a farewell concert for her family and friends. Despite the cold response from her younger daughter, Eliza Sam, Liza actively prepares for her concert. She hires a new assistant (Linda Chung) and creative director (Alex Fong). The two young people often quarrel because of a prior feud, but slowly develop feelings for each other during the process of preparing for the concert. Just as Alex is putting together a special issue for Liza, he learns about a scandal that she has hid for many years. At the same time, Linda discovers Liza's past connection with her uncle, while Damian suddenly experiences hallucinations... Dealt with blow after blow, how does a seasoned veteran like Liza handle this?

Limelight Years Promo Clips

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Romance of 7 Days Promo Clips

Romance for 7 Days, starring Danny Ahn and Priscilla Wong, will air on TVB Korea beginning April 18.

Promo #1

Promo #2

Promo #3

Promo for Hong Kong broadcast (begins February 4, 2017)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Magic Revealed!

In episode 7 of Street Sorcerers 3, magician Louis Yan performed a magic trick in which he appeared to "refill" an empty bowl of cup noodles.

Warning: High-pitched noises ahead! (courtesy of Jinny Ng)

Recently, a netizen exposed how the trick was performed. While Louis was holding the empty cup up for a close camera shot, he held his other hand back and a staff member quickly placed another cup into his hand. Louis then slotted that cup into the empty cup to make it look like he had "refilled" the cup.

Credits to Youtube user HK Funny Video

Limelight Years Promo Clips

Overview - Limelight Years

Promo #1

Promo #2

Promo #3

Promo #4

Promo #5

Promo #6

Promo #7

Promo #8

Promo #9

Promo #10

Extended Trailer

Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Empress of China Theme Song

Joey Yung performs the theme song for The Empress of China, titled "Queen" (女皇)

The brainwashing ending theme song is "Secret of Tears" (眼淚的秘密), sung by Jinny Ng.

The sub-theme song "Reckless" (不顧一切), by Linda Chung.