Monday, May 30, 2016

Overview - Presumed Accidents

Lawrence Ng is an antiques dealer who is gentle, well-learned in Western and Chinese cultures and has a comfortable, care-free life. Since his late wife Selena Li passed away, he has been living a single lifestyle. Only his housekeeper Chow Chung knows everything about him. One day, Lawrence encounters insurance company investigator Sisley Choi at the hospital. It brings ripples into his quiet life. As Sisley investigates the accident that caused her parents’ death, she discovers that her life is somehow related to Lawrence’s. To get closer to Sisley, Lawrence even joins the investigation company. He meets Chris Lai, who is pursuing Sisley. Lawrence and Sisley eventually discover that many accidents appear to be controlled by someone behind the scenes. Just as they get close to the truth, a person who resembles Lawrence’s late wife (also played by Selena) appears. It turns out that both Chris and Selena are hiding their secret backgrounds…

A Time of Love II Theme Song

The theme song for A Time of Love II - Germany is "Love" (愛), by Jinny Ng.

The theme song for A Time of Love II - Taiwan is "A Hundred Years Not United" (百年不合), by Pakho Chau.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Nirvana in Fire Theme Song

The theme song for the Hong Kong broadcast of Nirvana in Fire is "Ask Heaven" (問天) by Alfred Hui.

The ending theme song is "Can Bear More" (可以背負更多), by Jinny Ng.