Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Overview - Brick Slaves

Vincent Wong uses his and his girlfriend's savings to buy a home in preparation for their wedding, but his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him. Moreover, she rents out the apartment to a piano teacher, Selena Li. Having just been broken up with, Vincent's bad luck continues as he is laid off by his company. In order to make his mortgage payments, he had no choice but to accept Selena's harsh demands. The pair frequently come into conflict due to their different living habits, but Vincent eventually realizes that there is a story behind Selena's off-putting character. Vincent finally finds a new job at an asset management firm. His arrival ruins the promotion hopes of third-generation brick slave Evergreen Mak, who, for the sake of his own job, does not get along with Vincent. However, Vincent gains the admiration of his boss, Kiki Sheung. She asks him to take special care of intern Eliza Sam. Through their work, they see all different kinds of brick slaves. Eliza slowly develops feelings for Vincent, but Vincent knows very well who he loves. At this time, Selena suddenly requests to terminate her rent contract...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hacken Lee & Joey Yung - It's A Small World

想過早晚會會合 不過此際變事實
都會驚慌失措 似行刑受罰

Thought about meeting you day and night
But when it becomes reality, I will still panic and be scared
Like I am receiving an execution

Hacken Lee and Joey Yung's MV for their duet, "It's A Small World" (世界真細小). The song and MV poignantly conveys all the complicated feelings of when two former lovers re-encounter each other. Sometimes no matter how much you thought about it, or even rehearsed it in your mind, that moment when you see that person again, you still don't know how to react. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ghost of Relativity Theme Song

The theme song for Ghost of Relativity is "Daylight" (天光), by C AllStar.

The Ultimate Addiction Deleted Scene

Fairchild TV is currently airing The Ultimate Addiction and I noticed one scene that was not shown in TVB's original broadcast. This scene occurs in episode 27 after Ginnie (Gloria Tang) falls into the ocean.

The extra scene might offer an explanation of why Ginnie can die so quickly after falling into the water since she doesn't have the desire to live. (It's a dumb way to kill her off...)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

3rd Anniversary

Casual TVB turns  

In our third year, we published 133 posts and amassed over five million pageviews.

Some of my favourite posts from this year:
3. Awards Analysis: By Producer, By Broadcast Date, By Age, Bonus

I do anticipate that things will slow down when I start law school in September, but I will try to keep this blog updated.

Thank you for supporting Casual TVB for three years!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li @ Toronto

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li were in Toronto for their <老表你信主未? 音樂生命分享會> tour. I was able to see them on two consecutive nights.

On the first night, I was seated quite far from the stage, so I didn't get that many good pictures.

On the second night, I had a much better vantage point.

The songs they sang (from both nights):

Cho Lam singing Eason Chan's "浮誇" (Exaggerated).

Cho Lam singing the gospel song "耶和華是我牧者" (Jehovah is My Shepherd).

Cho Lam and Leanne's duet of a Mandarin song.

Leanne sings "最重要的決定" (Most Important Decision).

They share the stage as Cho Lam performs "主.婚.人" (Lord, Marriage, Man).

Come Home Love 2 Theme Song

The theme song for the new Come Home Love is called "Walk With Love" (愛同行) performed by Fred Cheng.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Overview - Ghost of Relativity

Newly hired by an architecture firm, Kristal Tin makes a mistake that causes architect Moses Chan to lose an international award. She is promptly fired by the administrative manager, Nancy Wu. Thereafter, she gets caught in a series of bizarre incidents. An electrical leak from her knock-off cellphone accidentally kills Nancy. But Nancy's soul remains inside the phone and only Kristal is able to see her. Nancy, who has a crush on Moses, returns to the firm through Kristal. She helps Kristal rise rapidly within the firm and they develop a mutually dependant bond. Nancy discovers a conspiracy between the general manager, Eddie Kwan, and board member Vivien Yeo. Luckily, with the help of hacker Ram Chiang, they can temporarily deal with the devious characters at the office. As Kristal exhibits shades of Nancy, Moses slowly develops feelings for her, which make Nancy jealous. However, her existence is closely related to the phone. Once the phone's battery dies, she will disappear and everything that Kristal has will also be lost...