Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black Heart White Soul Review

Producer: Amy Wong
Genre: Modern thriller
Cast: Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin, Ron Ng, Louis Cheung, Waise Lee, Leanne Li, Lisa Lau

Black Heart White Soul is a fast-paced gripping thriller. It has an intense plot with a lot of unexpected twists and brilliant schemes. The story follows along in a logical way with all the parts closely linked together. The characters are intriguing and fleshed out. Each of them has their own ulterior motives, which serves as the main driving force of the series. The police are still made to look incompetent, but at least the lawyers know how to make a proper rebuttal this time.

The series makes the point that no one is completely good or completely bad. For example, the villains still have a good side, showing their love towards their wife, lover or daughter. And the “righteous” hero, Ron Ng, still uses morally questionable tactics to achieve his goals. It illustrates that there are plenty of grey areas in life; sometimes good or bad depends on the circumstances or perspective. I love the ending where there isn't a sudden epiphany on the part of the bad guys and they all turn good.

Roger Kwok is the perfect fit for the role of “Matt”. He maintains a sincere outer appearance, while slowly letting his inner evilness seep through. I don’t know who else can do that sly smile as well as Roger. Kristal Tin’s role requires a lot of emotional scenes, which she handles well, but she was somewhat overshadowed by everyone else. Ron Ng is in yet another hot-headed police role, except this time he is an all-round jerk as well. He has the same facial expression throughout the whole drama, which is the exact same one he had in Ruse of Engagement. The only thing that changes is his hairstyle and not in a good way either.

Louis Cheung is an actor I quite admire. He has done a good job in every role he’s had so far and it’s no different in here. Leanne Li has improved as an actress; she was very into her character, especially in the last confrontation scene with her husband. Vivian Yeo has also improved, but unfortunately had a limited role to play. May Chan has a generally likeable character, but she is sometimes annoying for being so loud-mouthed. She makes a good couple with Ho Yuen Tung. As for Lisa Lau, to put it bluntly, her face was too distracting for me to notice her acting. Jason Chan had a minor role that disappeared after a few episodes, but even in that short amount of time, he manages to be the worst actor in the series. He acted nothing like a lawyer, let alone a hotshot one. Someone needs to glue his arms to his side.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Overview - All That Is Bitter Is Sweet

Foshan's famous physician Du Yange has only one daughter, Linda Chung. Although she is intelligent and has a strong interest in Chinese medicine, Du Yange does not really see her as his successor because she is female. On the day of Linda's marriage to the mayor's son (Raymond Wong), a serious epidemic breaks out. Many patients, including Raymond, die after taking Du Yange's medicine, prompting the mayor (Pat Poon) to shut down the pharmacy. Experiencing such an abrupt change in her life, Linda is left feeling hopeless. At this time, Ruco Chan, a merchant suffering from a terminal illness, purchases the pharmacy's assets with the intention of reselling it for profit. To keep the pharmacy intact, Linda offers to treat his illness in exchange of him to not sell any of the assets. Through Ruco's connections, Linda meets a retired imperial physician (Choi Kwok Hing), who passes on his medical knowledge to her.  

Meanwhile, Raymond's twin brother (also played by Raymond) has returned home. Natalie Tong, the daughter of a military general, confesses her love for him, but he holds a crush on his former sister-in-law Linda instead. However, Linda and Ruco have already developed feelings for each other after overcoming many challenges together. Just as the pharmacy is reopened and everything seems to have settled down, Ruco's life begins counting down...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Line Walker Theme Song

The theme song is "Walker" (行者), by Justin Lo and Wilfred Lau.

The subtheme song is sung by Jinny Ng, called "More Difficult, More Love" (越難越愛)

Trivia: When was the last time Raymond Lam did not sing either the theme or sub-theme song for a drama which he starred in?

Answer: La Femme Desperado (2006) <-- Highlight to see answer

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CITV 2014 Trailers


Sky Eye

Celebrities' Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the Internet by storm. A long list of Hong Kong celebrities have joined in to raise awareness for the cause. To learn more about ALS, visit

Adrian Chau (Link)
Alan Tam (Link)
Alex Fong (Link)
Alfred Hui (Part 1Part 2Part 3)
Andy Hui (Link)
Andy Lau (Link)
Angelababy (Link)
Anthony Wong (Link)
Benjamin Yuen (Link)
Bob Lam (Link)
Bobby Au-Yeung (Link)
Bosco Wong (Link)
Brian Tse & Jerry Koo (Part 1, Part 2)
Calvin Choy (Link)
Candice Chiu (Link)
Carina Lau (Link)
Cathy Chui & Gigi Lai (Link)
Charlene Choi (Link)
Charmaine Sheh (Link)
Chris Lai (Link)
Christine Ng (Link)
Cilla Kung (Link)
Daniel Chau (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Dicky Cheung (Link)
Donnie Yen (Link)
Eason Chan (Link)
Edmond Leung (Link)
Edmond So (Link)
Elaine Jin (Link)
Eliza Sam (Link)
Eric Kwok (Link)
Eric Kot (Link)
Eric Suen (Link)
Eric Tsang (Link)
Evergreen Mak (Link)
Fala Chen (Link)
Fred Cheng (Link)
GEM (Link)
Grace Wong (Part 1, Part 2Part 3)
Hacken Lee (Link)
Hilary Tsui (Link)
Jack Wu & daughter (Link)
Jacky Heung (Link)
Jacquelin Chong (Link)
Jacqueline Wong (Link)
Jade Kwan (Link)
James Ng (Link)
Janet Chow (Link)
Jay Chou (Link)
Jazz Lam (Link)
Jimmy Au (Link)
Jinny Ng (Part 1Part 2)
Joel Chan (Link)
Joey Yung (Link)
Josie Ho (Link)
Joyce Cheng (Link)
Kathy Chow (Link)
Kelvin Kwan (Link)
Kevin Cheng (Link)
Kitty Yuen (Link)
Lin Xia Wei (Part 1, Part 2)
Lisa Lau (Link)
Louis Koo & Shawn Yue (Link)
Louis Yuen (Link)
Mag Lam (Link)
Maria Leitão (Link)
Matt Yeung (Link)
May Chan (Link)
Michael Miu (Link)
Michael Tong (Link)
Miriam Yeung (Link)
Moon Lau (Link)
Myolie Wu (Link)
Nancy Wu (Link)
Nicholas Tse (Link)
Nick Cheung (Link)
Oscar Leung (Link)
Owen Cheung (Part 1, Part 2)
Pierre Ngo (Link)
Quinn Ho (Link)
Raymond Chiu (Link)
Raymond Lam (Link)
Richie Jen (Link)
Ricky Wong & HKTV staff (Link)
Roger Kwok & children (Link)
Ronald Cheng (Link)
Ruco Chan (Link)
Sammy Leung (Link)
Selena Li (Link)
Sheldon Lo (Link)
Sisley Choi (Link)
Stephen Chan (Link)
Stephy Tang (Link)
Suki Lam (Link)
Suzie Wong (Link)
Tang Chi Wai (Link)
Timmy Hung (Link)
Toby Chan (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Toby Leung (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Tony Hung (Link)
Tracy Chu (Part 1Part 2)
Virginia Lok (Link)
Wayne Lai (Link)
Wilfred Lau (Link)
William Chan (Link)
William So (Link)
Winki Lai (Link)
Wong Cho Lam (Link)
Wyman Wong (Link)
Yeung Chiu Hoi (Link)
Yumiko Cheng (Link)

Come Home Love - Auston Lam, Florence Kwok, Tsui Wing, Joey Law (Link)
Young and Dangerous - Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Chin Ka Lok, Jerry Lamb (Link)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Carman Lee!

As some of you may know, I am basically in love with Carman after watching Never Dance Alone. I have been going back to watch her old works. I'm working my way through The Condor Heroes 95 (bleh storyline, but she's so beautiful). I'm looking forward to watching Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils after that. Hopefully she will be filming more dramas soon!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain Review

Producer: Marco Law
Genre: Ancient, detective
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Power Chan, Pierre Ngo, Lin Xia Wei, Raymond Cho

Don’t be fooled by the sales presentation or the title of this series. This is not a wuxia series; rather it’s a modern investigation series set in ancient times. It starts off with a few mysteries which are interesting enough, though not exactly memorable. I've been spoiled by the thrilling mysteries from Storm in a Cocoon and Ruse of Engagement, so the ones here are only mediocre in comparison. Then the story moves into the mandatory romance part and the cases start blending into the background amidst all the romantic mess and other randomness. There never seemed to be any urgency with any of the cases. This is especially true with the final case of the Jurchen spy where the imminent threat of an invasion is never felt and the characters hardly even cared.

The real joy of this series is the characters, each with their unique background and personalities. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, making them very real people. It was nice to see the constables develop from fighting against each other to comrades who will stick together in the face of danger. The interactions between them are fun to watch and often results in comedic moments. Also a nice touch by the writers to have all the character names refer to animals.

Kenneth Ma is fine until he has to do emotional scenes and then he can't get rid of those puppy eyes. He has terrific chemistry with Selena Li. As for Selena, she was cute in her first role as "Tou Fa", although a bit too loud. Her second role as "Yan Mei Leong" was manipulative and cold – a big contrast with her first role and well-portrayed by Selena. A testament to her acting skills when you hardly notice they are the same actress.

Power Chan shows off his wide range of acting skills all in one character. He is arrogant and egotistical in the beginning, but slowly learns to trust his colleagues. As the vigilante, he was kind and wise. Power even makes a brief reappearance as a eunuch, in reference to his popular role from The Confidant.

Pierre Ngo’s rough character is a refreshing change as I’m tired of seeing him as a wimp turned righteous hero. Lin Xia Wei is a decent actress if only she wasn't so lovesick in every drama. Raymond Cho's character was likeable, but I stop short of saying it’s an award-worthy performance only because it’s not a difficult role to play. Candy Chang needs to tone down her acting, but she's already much better than other newcomers.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Faces of TVB (2)

Which one of these new faces will make it to become the next top fadan at TVB?

Tracy Chu (朱千雪)

Tracy was a huge fan favourite when she competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Although she ended up finishing third, she was immediately given an opportunity to star alongside veteran Lawrence Ng in The Hippocratic Crush II.

Look for her in: Battle Again Tomorrow, The Misadventure of Zoo

May Chan (陳嘉佳)

May met Wong Cho Lam while filming the movie Short of Love, who introduced her into TVB. The heavy-weight actress has captured the hearts of the audience with her adorable characters in Inbound Troubles and Bounty Lady. She managed to secure a Best Supporting Actress nomination in just her first full year at TVB.

Look for her in: Inbound Troubles II

Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏)

Harriet is an accomplished stage actor that has signed with TVB. She shocked audiences in her first drama, Bounty Lady, due to her outlandish character and striking imitation of Kate Tsui. She showed off with her remarkable imitation skills once again in the variety show Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.

Look for her in: Officer Geomancer, Battle Again Tomorrow, The Misadventure of Zoo

Stephanie Ho (何雁詩)

Stephanie entered the industry through The Voice. Because of her small size, she was chosen to star next to Wong Cho Lam in Gilded Chopsticks, which helped to raise her profile. The multi-talented Stephanie is also a professional golfer who has represented Hong Kong in international tournaments.

Look for her in: Quid Pro Quo

Candy Chang (張慧雯)

Candy is a pageant winner from Toronto. Her role as "Jing Jing" in The Hippocratic Crush was well-received by the audience. She was unfortunately caught up in a drug scandal, but has since fully resumed her career with a prominent role in Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain.

Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉)

Kelly got noticed as the coffee girl in Triumph in the Skies II after rumours surfaced between her and co-star Ron Ng. She added to her recognition by taking on a challenging role as a Mainland girl in Swipe Tap Love.

Look for her in: Cheung Po Tsai

Whitney Hui (許亦妮)

Whitney turned heads when she made her debut as the sexy model “Monica D” in Inbound Troubles. She has proven to be a versatile actress, succeeding with different types of roles as well, such as a mute maid in Return of the Silver Tongue.

Look for her in: Street Sorcerers 2, Overachievers

Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎)

Jacqueline was the runner-up in the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant. So far, she has mainly hosted variety shows, with only guest star appearances in dramas. She most recently appeared as Bosco Wong’s first wife in The Ultimate Addiction.

Look for her in: Madam Cutie on Duty, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) & Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)

The reigning Miss Hong Kong winners are receiving a heavy push from TVB. Both will have supporting roles in the highly anticipated Overachievers. Each of them will also have the opportunity to lead their own series.

Look for them in: Overachievers, Quid Pro Quo (Grace), Officer Geomancer (Sisley), Cross the Finish Line (Sisley), Cheung Po Tsai (Grace)

M Club Girls

The seven young actresses in Never Dance Alone all had memorable performances in the series. The girls have leveraged their increased popularity to gain job opportunities in various areas, including television, movies and stage performances.

Look for them in: Street Sorcerers 2 (Anjaylia Chan), Quid Pro Quo (Jeannie Chan), Lord of Shanghai (Winki Lai)

Check out the list of new male faces!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seeing Double?

Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain – Selena Li plays a naïve housewife living a happy life with her husband Kenneth Ma until her twin sister, a famous prostitute, emerges and tries to steal Kenneth away.

Triumph in the Skies II – Myolie Wu reprises her role as "Zoe" from the original series, appearing in flashbacks. She also plays "Summer", an aircraft technician who resembles Zoe.

A Change of Heart – Bosco Wong is a heart surgeon who becomes a heart donor after he is killed in an accident. His twin brother returns to Hong Kong and ends up working for the man who received his brother's heart.
 user posted image

Bullet Brain – Natalie Tong plays a mother and daughter. The mother is mentally ill and commits a gruesome murder. Meanwhile, the daughter was abducted as a child and survived by being a con-artist and courtesan.

Relic of an Emissary – Kate Tsui plays a pair of sisters who were separated during a flood. The older sister becomes the owner of a brothel while working as a secret agent. After she dies, her younger sister takes on her identity to continue spying.

The Gentle Crackdown II – Wayne Lai is initially a lowly court adviser, but he later impersonates his higher-ranking brother in order to fight against corrupt officials.

Maiden's Vow – Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma portray successive generations of lovers. Each generation examines the prevailing attitudes and status of women during the different eras.

The Academy/E.U. – Michael Miu is a strict instructor at the Police Training School in The Academy, but is killed in the line of duty. He makes a comeback as a triad boss in the third instalment of the series, E.U.


All That is Bitter is Sweet – Raymond Wong plays twin brothers. The younger brother returns home after his brother dies from an illness. He becomes involved in a love rectangle that includes his brother's fiancé.

No Reserve – Wayne Lai plays two brothers who were separated and end up on opposite sides of the war. One brother is a Japanese agent, while the other is a Chinese guerrilla fighter.

Under the Veil – Many of the cast members will have two roles in the series to demonstrate different perspectives in life.

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Rear Mirror Theme Song

The theme song for Rear Mirror is "Climb" (高攀) by Hubert Wu.

Line Walker Promo Clips

Overview - Line Walker

Promo #1

Promo #2

Promo #3

Promo #4

Promo #5

Promo #6

Promo #7

Promo #8

Promo #9

Promo #10

Promo #11

Promo #12

Promo #13

Promo #14

Promo #15

Promo #16

Promo #17

Promo #18

Promo #19

Astro Promo

Extended Trailer

Friday, August 01, 2014

New Faces of TVB

Keep an eye out for these young lads. They may be the future siu-sangs of TVB.

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘)

Undeniably the biggest breakout star of last year. Not exactly a "new" face as Fred has been acting in minor roles for ten years. He finally got his big break from The Voice of Stars. With his amazing singing talents, he was a sensation from the very first episode, all to the way to the end where he captured 68% of the audience vote to be named the winner.

Look for him in: Inbound Troubles 2, Officer Geomancer, Overachievers

Hugo Wong (黃子恆)

Another "new" face with many years of experience. Hugo graduated from TVB's acting class in the same year as Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng. He took part in the original Triumph in the Skies along with those two. But it was not until the sequel that he gained recognition with his role as "Nick", the caring boyfriend of Coco (Nancy Wu).

Look for him in: Madam Cutie on Duty, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years, Quid Pro Quo

Jonathan Cheung (張穎康)

Jonathan’s talent was recognized by Andy Lau years ago, who recommended him into TVB. Jonathan first became noticed after his stand-out performance as the naïve “Fan Gun” in Three Kingdoms RPG. He garnered further recognition when he starred in back-to-back dramas earlier this year.

Look for him in: Walk With You, Sky Eye

Tony Hung (洪永城)

Tony already generated a lot of noise with his first TVB show, Pilgrimage of Hope, in which he travelled through war-torn countries in the Middle East. He continued to host the Pilgrimage series, partnering with Priscilla Wong to bring the audience to Asia, Europe and South America. The well-liked pairing was named as Best Host at last year’s anniversary awards.

Look for him in: Rear Mirror, Walk With You, Sky Eye, Cheung Po Tsai

Owen Cheung (張振朗)

Known for his resemblance to Bosco Wong, Owen is looking to establish his own name. He first caught the attention of the audience for portraying the unfilial son of Louise Lee in Reality Check. He has shown his other talents in variety shows, such as his singing in The Voice of Stars and imitation skills in Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.

Look for him in: Shades of Life, Line Walker, All That is Bitter is Sweet, Walk With You, Opera Rouge

Glen Lee (李霖恩)

Despite being the son of a former high-ranking government official, Glen still spent his share of time tolling in minor roles. He has only recently become more recognized due to having regular roles in the sitcoms Be Home For Dinner and Come Home Love.

Look for him in: Come Home Love

Stanley Cheung (張景淳)

Stanley won a contract with TVB in a talent competition called "TVbeople". He shot to fame with his role as “Ka Ming”, who was cannibalized by his friends in When Heaven Burns.

Look for him in: Shades of Life, Rear Mirror, Madam Cutie on Duty, Limelight Years

Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓)

Nathan is a graduate of TVB’s acting classes. His most well-known role to date is as “Yat Hong”, the handicapped younger brother of Kenneth Ma in The Hippocratic Crush.

Look for him in: Lady Sour, Battle Again Tomorrow

Jonathan Wong (王梓軒)

Besides working on his music career, Jonathan has been busily filming for TVB. His first drama appearance was in Queen Divas, where he played the antagonist trying to take over the family business.

Look for him in: Tiger Cubs II, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years

Matthew Ho (何廣沛)

Matthew received a big opportunity fresh out of TVB’s acting class. He was selected to play the young version of Lawrence Ng in Never Dance Alone and attracted many female fans with his princely image.

Look for him in: No Reserve, Line Walker, The Misadventure of Zoo, Quid Pro Quo

Check out the list of female new faces!