Monday, April 16, 2018

Overview - Stealing Seconds

Benjamin Yuen, an executive producer at a planning company, has to deal with the pressure and demands from his boss, as well as the complaints of his subordinates. Every day, he is exhausted by his heavy workload, until one day, he nearly dies. Luckily, paramedic Natalie Tong performs CPR to save his life. Later, Benjamin learns that to extend his life, he must kiss others to steal their time. He uses this to his advantage and sees big changes in his work, family and friendships. Unfortunately, because of him, Natalie suffered serious consequences. Aside from missing her wedding, her fiancé (Yeung Chiu Hoi) mysteriously goes missing. To help her regain her spirit, Benjamin takes over Yeung Chiu Hoi's coffee shop. He meets barista Hubert Wu and re-encounters his childhood friend Rebecca Zhu. Rebecca, a pole dancing teacher, has many men at her feet, but she only has feelings for Benjamin. But Benjamin, carrying the burden of extending his life, gradually develops feelings for Natalie, and they fall into the anguish of loving each other, but being unable to be together...

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stealing Seconds Theme Song

The theme song for Stealing Seconds is "Most Unforgettable Day" (最難忘一天), by Hubert Wu.

The ending theme song is by Hana Kuk, entitled "Back to the Past" (回到以前).

Friday, April 06, 2018

Flying Tiger Theme Song

The theme song for Flying Tiger is named "Reunion", performed by Raymond Lam and MC Jin.

The ending theme song is "Although This World" (雖然這個世界), by Ron Ng and Bosco Wong.

Overview - Flying Tiger

When he was younger, Hugo Ng accepted a mission to infiltrate the triads as an undercover agent. The triad leader's daughter, Christine Ng, fell in love with him at first sight. Although Hugo already had his heart set on the simple Mimi Kung, he pretended to be with Christine in order to solve the case. As a result, he quickly rose through the ranks in the triad. One time, during a fight between triads, Hugo eliminated Christine's triad rivals, but Christine's fate remained unclear. Hugo's good friend, Michael Miu, knows about his affair with Christine and their infant son (Bosco Wong). Hugo brings Bosco home and Mimi also gives birth to a son (Ron Ng). Because of the sin that he represented, Bosco did not grow up with love from his father. But Ron also did not get spoiled by Hugo and instead had to go through many hardships. The half-brothers accumulate a number of grudges growing up. Each of them also coincidentally develop a father-like mentor relationship with Michael. During a grand promotional ceremony, Hugo, having achieved the rank of Superintendent, is happily preparing to receive this honour, but unknowingly steps into a revenge plot that is thirty years in the making...

Flying Tiger will be released on myTV Super and Youku beginning on April 6. 

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Overview - Daddy Cool

A sudden storm causes Carlos Chan, a guerrilla fighter during the Second Sino-Japanese War, to awaken after being frozen for over seventy years. He discovers that he is now in the year 2018. He searches for his family, only to see his descendants behaving badly. His son (John Chiang) is fraudulently on welfare, while his grandson (Wayne Lai) uses feng shui to deceive people for money, yet Carlos is unable to correct them. Wayne even becomes involved in the romantic entanglement between the secretly wealthy Patrica Ha, Rosina Lam, and wealthy businessman Chris Lai. From covering up the truth of a murder to getting caught up in a battle for money, Carlos vows to save his family at any cost...

Daddy Cool Theme Song

Fred Cheng sings the theme song, "Defying Heaven" (逆天), for Daddy Cool.