Thursday, September 23, 2021

Aeren x Steven - We Will Not Say Goodbye Again

過去那污點 成了優點
終於都發現 感激可再見

Stains from the past become a virtue
Finally realize, we are grateful to see each other again

Rumoured couple Aeren and Steven from Stars Academy recently released a MV for their cover version of Joey Thye and Oscar Tao's duet "We Will Not Say Goodbye Again" (我們再不講再見). I didn't pay attention to this song when it came out, but Aeren and Steven performed it with a whole new level of sweetness. With the way they gaze into each other's eyes, it's hard not to believe the rumours of them dating.

The song is about a former couple who meet again and realize the good in each other. Hearing the lyrics, I wonder if we meet each other again, whether we can mutually put the past behind us and appreciate the beauty of our friendship. 

Another version of the song and MV was recorded by Sherman and Aska, but they seem to be missing the sweetness that a real-life couple would have.  

Which version do you like better?