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Overview - Queen Divas

Being raised in a scholarly family, Nancy Sit not only takes good care of her family, she also keeps her husband’s business running in good order. Her sons Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo have yet to marry, but they each develop an underground relationship with a popular actress. Nancy begrudgingly accepts them into the family. Joyce Tang, the queen of dramas, and Angela Tong, the queen of comedies, take their rivalry from the entertainment circle into the household. Their seemingly kind mother-in-law, Nancy, actually hides a dagger behind her smile. The act the three women put on in front of each other is worthy of an Oscar nomination and creates many humorous moments. It is not until Nancy discovers someone has embezzled from the company, throwing the family into financial trouble, that each person’s hidden secret is revealed…

Overview - Outbound Love

Aimee Chan, who works at a travel agency, visits Malaysia on a business trip. She encounters the local tour guide, Ruco Chan. He constantly gets in the way of her plans, thus, a feuding relationship develops between them. Aimee’s boyfriend, Matt Yeung, suddenly appears in Malaysia to propose to her. Aimee feels blissful as they return to Hong Kong and prepare for their wedding. During their wedding ceremony, a video of Matt cheating with her best friend is leaked. The heartbroken Aimee returns to Malaysia and finds work at a local hotel. She runs into Ruco again, but this time, a different mood and setting creates a different feeling for them. Matt’s sister, Lin Xia Wei, stands on Aimee’s side and supports her decision to break up with Matt. Lin Xia Wei meets the famed chef Tony Hung and asks to become his apprentice. She eventually falls in love with him, but he only has Aimee in his heart. Just as Tony is ready to express his feelings to Aimee, Matt decides to pursue her once again, and the person helping him turns out to be Ruco…

Your Questions

You asked, I answered...

What did you study/are you studying in college?
I am in the last semester of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Toronto. Planning to go to law school afterwards, but waiting on the response to my applications.

What TVB stars have you met?
Saw quite a few when I visited Hong Kong - Ruco Chan, Louise Lee, Benz Hui, Jack Wu, Divas in Distress cast.

I've also seen some stars when they came to Toronto, such as Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Ruco (again!), Sonija Kwok and Him Law. (Check out the tag Star Sightings)

Other stars that I've seen:

Joey Yung Toronto Concert 2012
Miriam Yeung Toronto Concert 2008
Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan, Florence Kwok and
Kenny Wong at TVB Fans Party 2010

What was your first drama that you watched?
The first drama I remember watching is Detective Investigation Files. Fell in love with Michael Tao and Joey Leung's characters.

What are your favourite dramas to watch?
I tend to prefer "serious" dramas over light-hearted ones, although I enjoy witty comedies too (like You're Hired). Favourite genre is investigative-type dramas (ie. police or lawyer). Perfect if there's a good mix of action in it. I obviously love historical dramas as well, particularly those dealing with the palace. Not a big fan of wuxia. Love stuff with War and Beauty style scheming.

How do you know so much about history and context of TVB dramas?
I got interested in Chinese history ever since watching A Step into the Past. Knowing the "accuracy" level of TVB, I like to do research on my own about the historical things that happen in dramas. Figured I might as well share that knowledge with everyone else.

What or who influenced you of starting your blog?
I was looking for something fun to do in the middle of summer. Thought this would just be a casual hobby of mine (hence, my blog's name), but I grew to love blogging about TVB.

How many years do you think you will stay blogging?
No idea. I really love this right now, but who knows if I'll eventually lose interest in TVB dramas, especially considering their current level of quality. Also depends on how much time I'll have in the future.

Who do you think will be the future TVB fadans in 10 years?
Keep an eye out for Lin Xia Wei. She has a lot of talent and is quietly on the rise. Others like Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko, Rebecca Zhu and Grace Wong are in the mix. I'm not including the likes of Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong because their timeline is closer to 5 years.

How do you get ideas for your posts?
Random inspiration. Sometimes I see interesting ideas from Chinese blogs or forums and turn that into a post with my own twist. For series-based posts, like Historical Context, I get ideas straight from watching the series.

If you have more questions to ask, just leave a comment below :)

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2013 Babies


In this special Christmas post, let's see what bundles of joy have arrived this year:

Timmy Hung and Janet Chow's son TJ (January 28)

Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong's daughter Alyssa (March 10)

Max Cheng and Ada Choi's second daughter Chloe (March 25)

Raymond Wong's second son Ransley (April 8)

Gallen Lo's daughter Sela (April 18)

Karena Lam's second daughter Sofie (May 11)

Daniel Wu and Lisa S.'s daughter Raven (May 30)

Jordan Chan and Cherie Ying's son Jasper (July 1)

Fiona Yuen's daughter Alycia (August 15)

Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing's son Lawrence (August 27)

Mandy Cho's son Marco (September 27)

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan's son Aiden (December 4)

And of course, the most famous 2013 baby... Prince George (July 22)!

Congratulations for all these proud new mothers and fathers!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Screen Time Hoggers 2013

It was the year of the Wongs, with three of them dominating the TV screens in 2013.

Mandy Wong 

Fresh off a win last year for Most Improved Actress, Mandy continued her hot streak with 5 dramas. Following the popularity of “Kwan Yi So”, she played loud-mouth characters again, as a pregnant Mainland woman in Friendly Fire and as a materialistic girl in A Change of Heart. Showing her soft side, she was a subdued policewoman in Sergeant Tabloid. In Always and Ever, she got to rub shoulders with Esther Kwan, acting as her villainous younger sister. Reprieving her role as “Mei Suet” in The Hippocratic Crush II, Mandy won a Favourite Character Award in Malaysia's TVB Star Awards.

Grace Wong

Grace has had a career year, appearing in 5 dramas. She had a special thing for lawyers, first trying to seduce Michael Tse in Friendly Fire, then developing a May-December relationship with Pal Sinn in Awfully Lawful. She played two contrasting policewomen roles, a feminine type in Sergeant Tabloid and a rougher type in Bounty Lady. Joining the cast of The Hippocratic Crush II, she caused waves in Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong's relationship. Grace was also a constant presence on The Voice of Stars.

Vincent Wong

Last year, Vincent made headlines for receiving 13 slaps from Damien Lau in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles. He topped his own record by enduring 23 slaps from Susan Tse in Will Power. In another legal drama, Friendly Fire, he was embroiled in a market-fixing case. He was featured in the Autumn story of Seasons of Love and guest-starred as Niki Chow’s ex-boyfriend in Sergeant Tabloid. He collaborated with Niki again in A Change of Heart. His memorable performances this year won him the Most Improved Actor Award.

Eliza Sam

Eliza has climbed the charts rapidly since her debut last year. She made a guest appearance in Inbound Troubles as the young Mimi Chu. She was given exposure in the hit drama Triumph in the Skies II as an flight attendant. She put on a tank top and a tough demeanour for her role as the first female SDU member in Sniper Standoff. Featured in the anniversary drama The Hippocratic Crush II, she has a memorable story with Him Law. She capped the year off with a Most Improved Actress win.

Sharon Chan

Sharon had some refreshing experiences this year. In Friendly Fire, she was paired with new on-screen partner Sammy Leung, but they easily found chemistry together. In Awfully Lawful, Sharon received her first official leading role. She had the opportunity to get up close and personal with "Captain Cool" Julian Cheung  in her guest-star role on Triumph in the Skies II. Finally, in Bounty Lady, she showed off her singing talents and received much praise for her two sub-theme songs.

Benjamin Yuen

Benjamin has been getting heavier promotion lately. In A Change of Heart, he had a daring affair with Joey Meng, including a "car-shaking" scene. He was picked to play the famous "Zhan Zhao" character in Always and Ever. He and Mandy Wong got their happy ending in The Hippocratic Crush II despite facing a major challenge in their relationship. Benjamin also had guest roles in Karma Rider and Bounty Lady. He was named Most Promising Actor in Malaysia's TVB Star Awards.

Matt Yeung and Cilla Kung

Matt and Cilla had a lot fate this year, participating in 4 of the same series together. However, they were only a couple in Slow Boat Home. In Missing You, Cilla worked with the tracing team to help people reunite with their loved ones while Matt was busy plotting against Lin Xia Wei. In the Day of Days, Matt plays villain again and unsuccessfully tries to stage a coup. Cilla played Raymond Wong's sister. In Karma Rider, Cilla and Owen Cheung are star-crossed lovers, while Matt was the head constable. Matt picked up an additional guest role as Him Law's rival in the Spring story of Seasons of Love. 

*See who was on last year's list.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kate Tsui's "Stamp Collection"

1. Bosco Wong in Lives of Omission
2. Bosco Wong in Triumph in the Skies II sales presentation clip
3. Ron Ng in Forensic Heroes 3
4. Joe Ma in Relic of an Emissary
5. Michael Tse in Relic of an Emissary
6. Kenneth Ma in Speech of Silence
7. Raymond Lam in Baby Blues (movie)
8. Moses Chan in Moonlight Resonance
9. Michael Miu in Highs and Lows sales presentation clip
10. Raymond Lam in Highs and Lows
11. Dayo Wong in Bounty Lady
12. Toby Leung in The Ultimate Addiction
13. Nancy Wu in The Ultimate Addiction

Friday, December 13, 2013

Lucky Charm Jessica Hsuan

It's Friday the 13th, so how about a lucky charm?

In a feat unparalleled by anyone else, Jessica Hsuan has brought her on-screen partners the Best Actor Award an astonishing eight times! Seven of those were in consecutive years too!

Gallen Lo - Old Time Buddy (1997)

Gallen Lo - Secret of the Heart (1998)

Louis Koo - Detective Investigation Files IV (1999) - Jessica herself took the Best Actress Award

Bobby Au-Yeung - Witness to a Prosecution (2000)

Louis Koo - A Step into the Past (2001)

Gallen Lo - Golden Faith (2002)

Roger Kwok - Square Pegs (2003)

Roger Kwok - Life Made Simple (2005)

Gentleman, if you want to win TV King, it's time to give Jessica a call!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A TV Queen Indicator?

Is this the best predictor of who will win TV Queen?

2011 - Myolie Wu won TV Queen and Wish and Switch aired.

2012 - Tavia Yeung won TV Queen and Friendly Fire aired.

2013 - Kristal Tin won TV Queen and Return of the Silver Tongue aired.

2014 - The trend was officially broken when Charmaine Sheh won TV Queen, but Officer Geomancer, starring Joey Meng, was aired after the awards ceremony.

Another predictor for award winners: TVB vs Astro Awards
Nomination List & Predictions for TVB Awards 2014