Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Faces of TVB (2)

Which one of these new faces will make it to become the next top fadan at TVB?

Tracy Chu (朱千雪)

Tracy was a huge fan favourite when she competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Although she ended up finishing third, she was immediately given an opportunity to star alongside veteran Lawrence Ng in The Hippocratic Crush II.

Look for her in: Battle Again Tomorrow, The Misadventure of Zoo

May Chan (陳嘉佳)

May met Wong Cho Lam while filming the movie Short of Love, who introduced her into TVB. The heavy-weight actress has captured the hearts of the audience with her adorable characters in Inbound Troubles and Bounty Lady. She managed to secure a Best Supporting Actress nomination in just her first full year at TVB.

Look for her in: Inbound Troubles II

Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏)

Harriet is an accomplished stage actor that has signed with TVB. She shocked audiences in her first drama, Bounty Lady, due to her outlandish character and striking imitation of Kate Tsui. She showed off with her remarkable imitation skills once again in the variety show Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.

Look for her in: Officer Geomancer, Battle Again Tomorrow, The Misadventure of Zoo

Stephanie Ho (何雁詩)

Stephanie entered the industry through The Voice. Because of her small size, she was chosen to star next to Wong Cho Lam in Gilded Chopsticks, which helped to raise her profile. The multi-talented Stephanie is also a professional golfer who has represented Hong Kong in international tournaments.

Look for her in: Quid Pro Quo

Candy Chang (張慧雯)

Candy is a pageant winner from Toronto. Her role as "Jing Jing" in The Hippocratic Crush was well-received by the audience. She was unfortunately caught up in a drug scandal, but has since fully resumed her career with a prominent role in Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain.

Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉)

Kelly got noticed as the coffee girl in Triumph in the Skies II after rumours surfaced between her and co-star Ron Ng. She added to her recognition by taking on a challenging role as a Mainland girl in Swipe Tap Love.

Look for her in: Cheung Po Tsai

Whitney Hui (許亦妮)

Whitney turned heads when she made her debut as the sexy model “Monica D” in Inbound Troubles. She has proven to be a versatile actress, succeeding with different types of roles as well, such as a mute maid in Return of the Silver Tongue.

Look for her in: Street Sorcerers 2, Overachievers

Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎)

Jacqueline was the runner-up in the 2012 Miss Hong Kong pageant. So far, she has mainly hosted variety shows, with only guest star appearances in dramas. She most recently appeared as Bosco Wong’s first wife in The Ultimate Addiction.

Look for her in: Madam Cutie on Duty, Battle Again Tomorrow, Limelight Years

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) & Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)

The reigning Miss Hong Kong winners are receiving a heavy push from TVB. Both will have supporting roles in the highly anticipated Overachievers. Each of them will also have the opportunity to lead their own series.

Look for them in: Overachievers, Quid Pro Quo (Grace), Officer Geomancer (Sisley), Cross the Finish Line (Sisley), Cheung Po Tsai (Grace)

M Club Girls

The seven young actresses in Never Dance Alone all had memorable performances in the series. The girls have leveraged their increased popularity to gain job opportunities in various areas, including television, movies and stage performances.

Look for them in: Street Sorcerers 2 (Anjaylia Chan), Quid Pro Quo (Jeannie Chan), Lord of Shanghai (Winki Lai)

Check out the list of new male faces!


  1. ehh...only Tracy Chu and the MC Club girls catch my eye haha. I think Tracy did a pretty good job in Hippocratic Crush, looking forward to her work with Lawrence again, so glad Battle of Tomorrow is airing soon! :)

    I also think Winkie and Anjaylia are pretty talented, they're young and have fresh looks, hope to see them in more dramas!

  2. Um, Jeannie Chan wasn't part of Never Dance Alone. And there were only 6 young actresses in Never Dance Alone.

    1. Yeah she was! She was Flora Chan's younger character.

    2. True, and she did do a pretty good job on her character :)