Sunday, August 10, 2014

Seeing Double?

Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain – Selena Li plays a naïve housewife living a happy life with her husband Kenneth Ma until her twin sister, a famous prostitute, emerges and tries to steal Kenneth away.

Triumph in the Skies II – Myolie Wu reprises her role as "Zoe" from the original series, appearing in flashbacks. She also plays "Summer", an aircraft technician who resembles Zoe.

A Change of Heart – Bosco Wong is a heart surgeon who becomes a heart donor after he is killed in an accident. His twin brother returns to Hong Kong and ends up working for the man who received his brother's heart.
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Bullet Brain – Natalie Tong plays a mother and daughter. The mother is mentally ill and commits a gruesome murder. Meanwhile, the daughter was abducted as a child and survived by being a con-artist and courtesan.

Relic of an Emissary – Kate Tsui plays a pair of sisters who were separated during a flood. The older sister becomes the owner of a brothel while working as a secret agent. After she dies, her younger sister takes on her identity to continue spying.

The Gentle Crackdown II – Wayne Lai is initially a lowly court adviser, but he later impersonates his higher-ranking brother in order to fight against corrupt officials.

Maiden's Vow – Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma portray successive generations of lovers. Each generation examines the prevailing attitudes and status of women during the different eras.

The Academy/E.U. – Michael Miu is a strict instructor at the Police Training School in The Academy, but is killed in the line of duty. He makes a comeback as a triad boss in the third instalment of the series, E.U.


All That is Bitter is Sweet – Raymond Wong plays twin brothers. The younger brother returns home after his brother dies from an illness. He becomes involved in a love rectangle that includes his brother's fiancé.

No Reserve – Wayne Lai plays two brothers who were separated and end up on opposite sides of the war. One brother is a Japanese agent, while the other is a Chinese guerrilla fighter.

Under the Veil – Many of the cast members will have two roles in the series to demonstrate different perspectives in life.


  1. There was also Melissa Ng from Into Thin Air. (long long long time ago)

  2. And Esther Kwan as twin sisters liking the same guy in The Legendary Four Aces...

  3. Later we will see Double Fantasies ...

  4. I love the idea of seeing twins but most storyline doesn't quite live up to the idea. I remember the series, 'United we stand' with Barbara Yung (?, don't remember the spelling) and I remember it was fun. all these roles you've listed seems to be serious character roles, I would definitely like to see a fun twin series.

    have a great day.

  5. Here the list that actors/actress play multiple roles in their series.

    Both Kiki Sheung and Noel Leung played Chan Yeun Yeun and Aka whose relationship is mother and daughter in Duke of Mount Deer
    Noel Leung doubled as a maiden and an assassinator in The Hitman Chronicles
    Again, Noel Leung played a pair of twin sisters in The Ching Emperor
    Nadia Chan played a maiden and a concubine in Happy Ever After
    Lost of actors/actresses play double roles in Journey to the West series
    + Joyce Chan played a monster in Part 1, then in Part 2 she played a bird fairy and Princess Iron Fan's maid
    + Gordon Liu played Pull Demon and GinSeng monster in Part 2
    + Louise So played a fairy who is the Jade King's oldest daughter and then a Dragon King's wife later in the series
    + Angie Cheung played a Spider Demon in part 1 then reappeared in part 2 as Bird Fairy/ Snake Demon
    + Helena Law played Fox Spirit (Ginseng's adoptive mother) and Spider Mother Demon in Part 2.
    Angie Cheung in Kind Spirit. She played two ladies who look identical to each other.
    Kenix Kwok in At The Threshold of Era. She played a pair of identical twin sisters.
    Frankie Lam in Witness to Prosecution. He played a judge who was killed by a man who looked identical to him.
    and more....