Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Overview - Brick Slaves

Vincent Wong uses his and his girlfriend's savings to buy a home in preparation for their wedding, but his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him. Moreover, she rents out the apartment to a piano teacher, Selena Li. Having just been broken up with, Vincent's bad luck continues as he is laid off by his company. In order to make his mortgage payments, he had no choice but to accept Selena's harsh demands. The pair frequently come into conflict due to their different living habits, but Vincent eventually realizes that there is a story behind Selena's off-putting character. Vincent finally finds a new job at an asset management firm. His arrival ruins the promotion hopes of third-generation brick slave Evergreen Mak, who, for the sake of his own job, does not get along with Vincent. However, Vincent gains the admiration of his boss, Kiki Sheung. She asks him to take special care of intern Eliza Sam. Through their work, they see all different kinds of brick slaves. Eliza slowly develops feelings for Vincent, but Vincent knows very well who he loves. At this time, Selena suddenly requests to terminate her rent contract...

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