Sunday, August 02, 2015

Overview - The Fixer

When police officers, lawyers or triad members have difficult problems that they cannot solve, an underground organization called "The Fixers" will step in. Mastermind Chin Ka Lok leads the group, consisting of legal expert Mandy Wong, computer expert Tracy Chu, flirty thief Timmy Hung and former government official Henry Lo. The team of five uses extraordinary tactics that trend on the borderline to help their clients solve difficult problems. Under the leadership of the courageous and intelligent Ka Lok, the team is invincible. But when Ka Lok re-encounters his brother, OCTB officer Benjamin Yuen, whom he has not seen for many years, he finds out that his mother Gigi Wong has dementia. To make up for his past mistakes, he mends his relationship with his family and experiences a family warmth that he never had before. However, the appearance of a mysterious person pushes everything that Ka Lok has to the brink. The identities of the team members are exposed one after another. Hunted by both the police and triads, breaking with his own brother and left to fight alone, how can Ka Lok fix his own problem?


  1. though i'm not too thrilled with the casting, the story seems pretty interesting

  2. I really like this show but I found it weird how Ka Lok suddenly has a son and that he decides to help his son he just found out he had and disobey his boss(his girlfriend). I found it funny when the officers mum says if I remember you as a plumber then show me this carrot animal. It was so sad that Katrina dies in episode19. Katrinas sister was the officers ex girlfriend and after they broke up her sister pretended to be her sister and talk to boss and she says in episode19 that any women that breaks up with a man wouldn't text, email or talk to each other and boss kept getting emails from her exes sister so Katrina is literally saying she isn't a woman. I also find it funny that the officers sister the hacker always slaps his husband.