Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dr. Marcus Kwok

TVB's go-to doctor... Marcus Kwok (郭田葰).

Marcus joined TVB after participating the 2009 Mr. Hong Kong contest. Prior to that, he had worked as an actual emergency room doctor in Australia. He has played in a doctor role 30 times (and counting).

32. Destination Nowhere

31. Brother's Keeper II

31. Between Love & Desire

30. Captain of Destiny (veterinarian)

29. Brick Slaves

28. The Fixer

27. Wudang Rules

26. My Spiritual Ex-Lover

25. Tiger Cubs II

24. Come On Cousin

23. Tomorrow is Another Day

22. Coffee Cat Mama

21. Bounty Lady

20. The Hippocratic Crush II

19. Will Power

Other appearances as a doctor:
18. Brother's Keeper
17. Sniper Standoff
16. Triumph in the Skies II
15. Slow Boat Home
14. Reality Check
13. Missing You
12. The Last Steep Ascent
11. Gloves Come Off
10. The Hippocratic Crush
9.   Let It Be Love
8.   Forensic Heroes III
7.   Men With No Shadows
6.   Wax and Wane
5.   Be Home for Dinner
4.   Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
3.   No Regrets
2.   Some Day
1.   The Mysteries of Love

Marcus will portray something different in the upcoming drama Trainee Angel... a nurse.

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  1. I noticed he was always cast as the Dr. Interesting to know he was an actual ER doctor. Surely the pay is better as a real Dr.