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My Ages Apart Theme Song

The theme song for My Ages Apart is by Hacken Lee, entitled "Across Generations" (誇世代).

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Overview - My Ages Apart

The mentor-mentee pair of Bobby Au-Yeung and Moses Chan are widely lauded in the banking industry. However, to advance his career, Moses purposefully transfers Bobby to a foreign office. Unfortunately, Bobby's plane crashes on the way there. When he awakens, he discovers that he is now in the body of an post-'90s youth, James Ng, who lives with his aunt, Maggie Siu. Bobby watches as Moses flirts with his wife, Kristal Tin, and wealthy heiress Ali Lee. As Bobby tries to figure out how to recover what he had lost, he meets a sixty year old man, Louis Cheung. The two click instantly. It turns out that Louis experienced the same fate of switching bodies. The two of them investigate how they can return to their own bodies. When Bobby discovers that James is actually the banker Benz Hui's illegitimate son, he and Louis plan a revenge scheme. But it unexpectedly causes Moses to fall from a building and suffer serious injuries. Bobby finally realizes that he misunderstood Moses. The three of them try to get close to Benz and his family. Bobby enters the bank and starts working from the bottom. Moses ruins the engagement between Ali and his friend Sammy Leung. Louis drives a wedge between Benz's second daughter Elena Kong and her husband Eddie Kwan. As this cross-generation battle gradually spreads, it builds a unexpected new world...

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Overview - The Exorcist’s Meter

Night-shift taxi driver Kenneth Ma lost his parents at a young age. After narrowly escaping death multiple times, he has seen through the vanity of the world and has adopted a "need no achievements, make no mistakes" attitude towards life. But inside Kenneth's heart, there is one name - Mandy Wong. Every day, he drives this doctor to and from work, cherishing the time that belongs to only the two of them. Little does he know that he will become her guardian in the future.

One night, Kenneth urinates on a public highway and releases the curse of the hundred-year old spirit (Hubert Wu). Kenneth experiences a series of inconceivable events and sees things that other people cannot see. When Moon Lau, the online radio host of a supernatural show, learns of this, she continuously pesters Kenneth. Kenneth is initially annoyed by this, but eventually starts to conquer demons alongside Hubert to make money. Unfortunately, his supernatural powers brings bad luck to the people around him. A horrifying car accident causes Mandy's soul to leave her body. Kenneth, Hubert and Moon work together to investigate and discover that the accident was actually a careful set-up by police officer Hugo Wong...

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The Police Career of Michael Miu

Michael Miu joins the police force after graduating from high school and is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department. He proves to be a brilliant detective and solves many cases, but eventually quits to run his own detective agency. (Into Thin Air).

After several years, Michael decides to return to the police force as an instructor at the Police Training School. One of the cadets is Officer Ron Ng. (The Academy)

Next, Michael oversees a massive undercover operation in a mission to take down the triads (movie Wo Hu)

Following the mission, Michael is promoted to Senior Inspector. He collaborates with Foon Hei Gor during a hostage situation. (movie McDull, The Alumni)

Afterwards, Michael rejoins the Criminal Investigation Department and leads the A-team (Gun Metal Grey)

Image result for 苗僑偉 刑警

He transfers to the Narcotics Bureau and works under Ben Sir. (Highs and Lows)

At the Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Michael twice has to go on a mission to search for missing undercover agents. He comes into contact with Foon Hei Gor again, who has now defected to the triads. Michael is promoted to Chief Inspector and later, to Superintendent. (Line Walker and Line Walker: The Prelude)

Image result for line walker michael miu

Michael announced that he will be joining the Special Duties Unit. (Flying Tigers)

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Miriam Yeung & Real Ting - Parallel

Miriam Yeung and her husband Real Ting collaborate for the first time to record the theme song for the Chinese drama Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors. The song is entitled "Parallel" (平行). Real's cousin, Allan Ting, stars in the drama.

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Oh My Grad Theme Song

Mag Lam sings the theme song for Oh My Grad, entitled "After Graduation" (畢業之後).

Overview - Oh My Grad

The school established by Wu Fung and Helena Law is a low requirement, low tuition institution that has quietly cultivated teachers. Faced with an academic fraud scandal and financial crisis, they urgently call on their sons, Roger Kwok and Bob Lam, to save the school. Roger serves as the school's principal, while Bob serves as a member of the school council, but the brothers' philosophies towards education are polar opposites. To avoid adding to the mess, they hire public relations specialist Ada Choi to fix the situation. Roger, who lacks managerial experience, is unhappy with Ada's profit-oriented methods. But not only does Ada ignore him, she gets stronger as she goes, as she is directed by the school management committee to help wealthy heir Babyjohn Choi graduate. However, Babyjohn does not care about studying and instead, becomes involved in a love triangle with Thai-Chinese student Eliza Sam and mahjong expert Mag Lam. Meanwhile, Mag's arch-nemeses, May Chan and Momo Wu, spread rumours that Mag is in a May-December relationship with fellow classmate Ram Chiang. In addition, there is the gangster Louis Cheung and the secretive Wong Cho Lam. The school is finally forced to the brink by these extraordinary students...

This series should be called "Oh My God (why was this ever made?)"

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Nothing Special Force Theme Song

The theme song for Nothing Special Force is performed by Kayee Tam, entitled "Happy Cheerful Person" (快樂快活人).

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Overview - Nothing Special Force

Initially a future star in the police force, Ben Wong changes his attitude towards life due to a hereditary disease. He begins to slow down and enjoy every moment of life. He gains the recognition of Chief Inspector Geoffrey Wong and is transferred to the Miscellaneous Enquiries unit. He manages a team of extraordinary people, including a lazy former undercover (C Kwan), an over-passionate conspiracy theorist and rookie (Jacqueline Wong), a muscular, warm gentleman nicknamed "Fighter Plane" (Arnold Kwok) and a fiery tempered, pregnant single mom (Mandy Wong). All non-criminal cases that cannot be categorized are handled by the Miscellaneous Unit. Mandy ignores Ben's objections and insists on investigating death cases, taking what is colloquially called the "death king's post". Despite their disagreements, they establish mutual trust. Mandy even encourages Ben to overcome his illness, but Ben still hasn't gotten over his ex-girlfriend (Joyce Tang), so he remains silent. Unexpectedly, a mistake by C Kwan during an operation puts Mandy in danger. Ben tries his best to search for Mandy based on his intermittent memory...

Line Walker: The Prelude - Death Toll

Image result for skulls and skeletons sign

Death Toll: 21
Current Episode: 20

Spoilers Ahead!

Does not include unnamed minor characters

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Line Walker: The Prelude Theme Song

The theme song for Line Walker: The Prelude is "Sky Net" (天網), by Pakho Chau.

The ending theme song is "Forget Myself" (忘記我自己), by Hana Kuk.

The sub-theme song is "Know One's Place" (安守本份), by Vivian Koo.

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Overview - Line Walker: The Prelude

In 2010, CIB's Michael Miu conducts a secret operation in Bangkok, Thailand. All his undercover agents die in a sea of fire. At the same time, his good friend, Senior Inspector Eddie Cheung, is murdered under mysterious circumstances, leaving Michael with a yet-to-be undercover, Priscilla Wong. To learn the truth, Michael must quickly find the rest of Eddie's missing undercover agents.

Meanwhile, there is internal conflict within Hong Kong's biggest triad. Triad leader Moses Chan is undergoing a purge. Benz Hui narrowly avoids death, but loses his beloved wife. He decides to thoroughly turn into a triad member. He sets up his own gang and swears opposition to Moses. Over the course of Michael and Priscilla's investigation into Moses' organization, they meet Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen, as well as Jessica Hsuan, who manages Moses' money. As the influence of the black cops controlled by Moses expands, Michael and Priscilla have no choice but to ally with Benz. Trust and betrayal are repeatedly put on display. Michael vows to remove the roots of the evil forces, leaving him with no choice but to risk death in the ultimate mission...

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A Eunuch - Wei Zhongxian

Wei Zhongxian (魏忠賢) was a powerful eunuch during the late-Ming Dynasty. He led the eunuch faction that dominated the Ming court during the reign of the Tianqi Emperor.

Wei was born to a poor family. In his youth, he enjoyed drinking, being with prostitutes and gambling. He was illiterate, but a talented archer and horseman. He had a wife and daughter, but at age 21, he decided to castrate himself and enter the palace in order to escape from his gambling debts. Wei made friends with powerful people in the palace and eventually landed a job serving the household of the future Tianqi Emperor (known by his temple name 明熹宗). With his skill for flattery, Wei gained the favour of the future emperor. He also courted Madame Ke (客氏), who was Tianqi’s wet nurse. Tianqi revered Madame Ko and bestowed high honours on her when he became emperor. Madame Ke would become Wei’s lover and a key political ally.

The Tianqi Emperor ascended to the throne at the age of 15. He took little interest in political affairs and pursued his passion for carpentry instead. Wei seized on this opportunity. He often intentionally interrupted the emperor while he was enjoying himself to report on political matters. The emperor would respond by saying, “I am busy. You take care of it.” Eventually, Wei issued edicts without even consulting the emperor. He promoted his allies into high positions and terrorized anyone who dared to oppose him. Officials everywhere scrambled to send memorials praising Wei and build temples in his honour. People even greeted him as “Nine Thousand Years”, just a degree below the emperor, who was greeted with “Ten Thousand Years”.

The Donglin scholars on the court despised the power that Wei wielded and submitted a memorial to the emperor criticizing Wei, but the emperor ignored it. The incident turned Wei against the Donglin faction. He fabricated charges against a group of six scholars, including Zuo Guangdou, and had them tortured to death in prison. Later, he purged a second group of seven scholars. The influence of the Donglin faction was substantially weakened after these incidents.

The Tianqi Emperor died of illness and was succeeded by his brother, the Chongzhen Emperor (崇禎). Chongzhen moved quickly to get rid of Wei. He asked officials to submit a list of Wei’s crimes and sentenced Wei to exile. As Wei travelled to his place of exile, Chongzhen heard rumours that Wei would attempt a rebellion. He ordered Wei to be arrested and brought back to the capital. Knowing that he would not escape a death sentence, Wei committed suicide. His corpse was posthumously subjected to slow slicing and publicly displayed. After Wei's death, the Chongzhen Emperor purged the remaining members of the eunuch faction from the Ming court.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative portrayal of Wei, some historians give him credit for effectively managing the country. Compared to the Chongzhen era, the Tianqi years were relatively peaceful, with stability on the war front and no major uprisings. It can partly be attributed to Wei's recommendations of able generals, such as Yuan Chonghuan, and setting low tax rates for farmers.

A General - Yuan Chonghuan
A Scholar - Zuo Guangdou

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A Scholar - Zuo Guangdou

Zuo Guangdou (左光斗) was a late-Ming Dynasty scholar. He was a leader of the Donglin faction during the reign of the Tianqi Emperor and was one of six Donglin scholars who was tortured to death by the eunuch Wei Zhongxian.

Growing up, Zuo loved to read books. He especially liked to learn about practical issues that affected the people’s daily lives. He had aspirations to serve his country and the people. During the Wanli (萬曆) era, Zuo was appointed as an official in Beijing. He immediately worked on fighting corruption and arresting imposters who posed as government officials to defraud and intimidate people. He also revitalized the agricultural industry in the north by improving the hydraulic systems and building dams to divert water resources to the region.

Bob Cheung's Crown Prince role is the future Taichang Emperor.
After the Wanli Emperor, the Taichang Emperor (known by his temple name 明光宗) died one month into his reign and was succeeded by his teenage son, the Tianqi Emperor (temple name 明熹宗). In the immediate aftermath of the Taichang Emperor's death, Zuo was involved in the “Palace Removal Case” (移宮案). When the Taichang Emperor took the throne, he had moved into the emperor’s official residence with his favourite concubine, Attendant “West Li” (西李選侍). When he died, Li remained at the residence with the newly-crowned Tianqi Emperor, whom she had raised, and tried to get herself named as empress dowager. Fearing that she would hold the young emperor hostage, court officials rushed to the palace and took him away. They then pressured her to move out of the residence, but she refused. Finally, Zuo persuaded the emperor to issue an edict ordering her to move out by reminding him of how Wu Zetian seized power.

As a result of the Palace Removal Case, Zuo and the Donglin officials that were involved gained prominence. They were noble and loyal officials who were unafraid to speak out. But at the same time, eunuch Wei Zhongxian (魏忠賢) rose to power and the conflict between the eunuch and Donglin factions grew more intense. Unable to tolerate Wei’s abuse of power, Zuo and his colleagues submitted a memorial to the emperor, outlining Wei’s various crimes, but it was ignored by the emperor. Seeking revenge, Wei falsely accused six Donglin officials, including Zuo, of accepting bribes. The six were arrested and tortured to death in prison. Their names would later be cleared of wrongdoing by the Chongzhen Emperor.

A General - Yuan Chonghuan
A Eunuch - Wei Zhongxian

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Line Walker: The Prelude Promo Clips

Promo #1

Promo #2

Promo #3

Promo #4

Promo #5

Promo #6

Promo #7

Promo #8

Promo #9

Promo #10

Promo #11

Promo #12

Promo #13

TVB Anywhere Promo

TVB Anywhere Trailer

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A General - Yuan Chonghuan

Yuan Chonghuan (袁崇煥) was a military general during the late-Ming Dynasty. He is best known for defending the Ming borders against Jurchen invasion.

As a young man, Yuan had a strong interest in military affairs. He travelled the country and frequently chatted with retired soldiers. Yuan started his career as a magistrate, but soon moved to the Ministry of War. At that time, the Ming borders were constantly being threatened by the Jurchens. On one occasion, Yuan travelled alone to the front lines to survey the situation. When he returned to the capital, he asserted that he could defend the borders if he was given the necessary resources. He was assigned to the frontier and given funds to recruit troops.

At the frontier, Yuan gained the trust of his superior and persuaded him to build a defensive line consisting of posts beyond the Great Wall. Yuan was tasked with fortifying the city of Ningyuan (寧遠). However, when a new commander took over, he changed strategies and ordered all troops to retreat to the Great Wall. Yuan refused the order and was left to defend Ningyuan with only 10,000 men. Jurchen chief Nurhaci (努爾哈赤) got news of the retreat and led an army of 130,000 soldiers to attack Ningyuan. The Jurchens laid siege on the city, but the Ming defenders fended them off with cannon fire. Yuan had reportedly spent much time studying the cannons to ensure it would fire accurately. Nurhaci suffered injuries from a cannon shot and would later die of his wounds. The Battle of Ningyuan was Nurhaci’s first and only major military loss to the Ming.

Following Yuan’s victory, he was put in charge of the forces at the frontier. As the Jurchens shifted their focus on attacking Korea, Yuan took the opportunity to rebuild the defensive line that he had envisioned. The defensive line stretched approximately 200 km, starting with the Shanhai Pass (山海關) at the Great Wall, extending to Ningyuan, and ending at Jinzhou (錦州). When Nurhaci’s successor, Hong Taiji (皇太極), led an army to invade the Ming border, he was repealed by the defense forces in Jinzhou and Ningyuan, proving the effectiveness of Yuan’s strategy.

Moses Chan as the Chongzhen Emperor in Perish in the Name of Love
Despite scoring a second major victory against the Jurchens, Yuan was forced into retirement by the eunuch faction, who sent criticisms of Yuan to the emperor. However, Yuan was recalled the next year by the newly-enthroned Chongzhen Emperor (崇禎帝). He was given full authority for military affairs on the frontier. Using this authority, he executed a Ming general named Mao Wenlong (毛文龍) on charges of corruption. Mao was a general that was stationed in the Korean Peninsula. His position kept the Jurchens in check because if they attempted a massive invasion of the China proper, they risked an attack by Mao on the eastern front. But Yuan likely despised Mao’s arrogant behaviour and spending, or perhaps felt threatened by him. Mao’s execution caused the Chongzhen Emperor to be dissatisfied with Yuan.

The elimination of Mao provided the Jurchens with a prime opportunity to attack. This time, instead of attacking in the northeast region where Yuan was stationed, Hong Taiji travelled through Mongolia and attacked in the west. It marked the first time the Jurchens were able to breach the Great Wall. They reached the walls of Beijing before Yuan arrived with reinforcements to drive them away. Subsequently, Hong Taiji spread rumours that he had colluded with Yuan. Already unhappy with Yuan over the execution of Mao, the Chongzhen Emperor ordered for his arrest and sentenced him to death by slow slicing.

After the death of Yuan, the Ming army was no longer able to contain the Jurchens. The Jurchens breached the Great Wall several more times, causing countless deaths and plundering the region. The Ming Dynasty was thrown into disarray and would soon fall at the hands of rebels.

Yuan was posthumously cleared of treason during the Qing Dynasty.

Credits to Wikipedia user Evawen (English labels added)

A Scholar - Zuo Guangdou
A Eunuch - Wei Zhongxian

The Tofu War Theme Song

The theme song for The Tofu War is "The Sun at Home" (家中的太陽) by Nancy Sit.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Overview - The Tofu War

Nancy Sit, who has served three generations at a century-old tofu factory, uses her position as general manager to protect her distant relative, Dominic Lam. It draws the ire of the heir, Jonathan Cheung. Coincidentally, his friend Chris Lai lost his job and broke up with his girlfriend (Elaine Yiu) and is looking for a change. The two of them click instantly and decide to institute major reforms at the company. The new and old camps battle against each other day and night. Chris re-encounters his childhood friend Roxanne Tong and vents about his problems to her. Their relationship grows quickly and they begin to think about marriage. But it turns out Roxanne's mother is Nancy. Roxanne pretends to be depressed to force her mother to agree to her lightning marriage to Chris. But if seeing each other is hard, living together is even harder. After marriage, Chris faces extreme pressure at home and at work. He tries to play matchmaker for his mother-in-law and the tofu factory's boss (Wai Lee) to deflect the line of fire. Unfortunately, it is a mismatch with many setbacks, leading to a series of jokes...

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The Unholy Alliance Theme Song

The theme song for The Unholy Alliance is performed by Ruco Chan, entitled "Trigger On" (一觸即發).

The sub-theme song is "Season of the Wind" (風的季節), by Rosanne Lui.

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Overview - The Unholy Alliance

A keen surfer, Ruco Chan settles in Taiwan, operating a hostel, when he is suddenly attacked by a group of assassins. Ruco is saved by the agile backpacker Nancy Wu, but his adoptive mother is killed. Ruco returns to Hong Kong to search for the truth. His friend Oscar Leung pulls some strings for him and he learns that his adoptive mother's death is linked to Nina Paw. Nina is an iron lady who leads many powerful interests. A single decision is enough to influence the economy and livelihood of society. Her adopted son (Joel Chan) and his wife (Elaine Yiu) are her advisers and Nancy is her personal bodyguard. But Ruco's appearance causes major changes to everyone's relationships. All the powerful interests with close ties to Nina are waiting for an opportunity to act, putting Nina's life in danger. Although Nancy and Ruco join together to fight back, it triggers another wave of bloodshed that threatens the safety of society...

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Overview - A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch

Three late-Ming Dynasty officials - Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho and Matthew Ho - accidentally travel forward four hundred years to modern-day Foshan. They meet Kristal Tin, who is searching for a hidden master chef. When they see a female celebrity on television who looks like the missing crown princess (Grace Wong), Kristal deceives them by saying she can arrange for them to meet her in Hong Kong. Desperate to save the princess, the three officials sign employment contracts and become waiters and a chef at Kristal's restaurant. It turns out that Kristal wants to use Matthew's superior cooking skills to save the restaurant's declining reputation. The three officials, using new names, join the restaurant and it quickly becomes famous as a "handsome men" restaurant. Other food corporations launch a money war. Luckily, Kristal is able to survive it with the help of Edwin. The two eventually develop a indescribable relationship. Meanwhile, as Raymond continues to investigate the identity of Grace, he discovers her secret and also learns about everyone's fate from history books. When the time to return to the Ming Dynasty comes, it is hard to choose...

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5th Anniversary

It has been five years since I created Casual TVB to share my passion for TVB. Now, my passion for TVB has faded as the quality of their dramas continuously deteriorates. This year, I only managed to make 78 posts, the vast majority of which were routine drama posts. I thought about quitting on the 5th anniversary of this blog, but I still enjoy the occasional challenge of translating synopsis for upcoming dramas. So I will continue maintaining Casual TVB for now and hope that TVB can reinvigorate my passion as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. Thank you to all the readers that have been with me in this five year journey.

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Legal Mavericks Theme Song

The theme song for Legal Mavericks is "Heart Eye" (心眼), by Vincent Wong.

The ending theme song is "Love is Right in Front of the Eyes" (愛近在眼前), by Stephanie Ho.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Overview - Legal Mavericks

After losing his vision due to an accident, Vincent Wong faced discrimination and bullying. But it only boosted his willpower and determination to obtain his barrister's license. At the same time, he developed a superior sense of touch and becomes widely-known in the legal community as the Blind Lawyer. Still, it is difficult for anyone to truly understand his dark inner-world. Fortunately, he has two friends who are always there for him. One is his housemate and private detective Owen Cheung, the other is his paralegal with a triad background Sisley Choi. The trio is known the "Three Swordsman", unafraid of standing up to authority and helping vulnerable populations fight for justice. Vincent's borderline tactics attract the attention of judge Ali Lee, who is interested in developing their relationship beyond friendship. The four people's fate experience drastic changes as they encounter many difficult cases. On top of that, Vincent's father and junior classmate (Tracy Chu) reappear, leading to problems that even the law cannot resolve...

TVB will be airing Legal Mavericks on Saturdays and Sundays, beginning June 24. The Mandarin version will be released weekly through iQiyi. 

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Bet Hur Theme Song

The theme song for Bet Hur is performed by Fred Cheng, entitled "Ten Times Payback" (十倍奉還).

Overview - Bet Hur

Twenty years ago, in a gambling match between two masters, Patrick Tse suddenly appears to help his senior win and then disappears. The desire to avenge the loss plants the seeds for a longstanding grudge that extends to the next generation. Patrick's two disciples, Natalis Chan and Monica Chan, used to be lovers, but they separated after a misunderstanding. They each train disciples who are proficient in various gambling techniques and skills. Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong and Dominic Ho are taken in by Natalis, while Monica carefully cultivates Charmaine Sheh, Samantha Ko and Connie Man. After multiple exchanges, Kenneth and Charmaine's feelings for each other turn from loathe to love. Later, they even combine forces to battle against the camp headed by Joseph Lee and his son Carlo Ng. Unfortunately, Raymond suddenly switches allegiances. Natalis passes the baton to Kenneth. Although he secretly has the help of good friend Matt Yeung, Kenneth cannot avoid the misfortune and is forced to step into the ultimate revenge battle with injuries. At this moment, Patrick reappears...

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Overview - Phoenix Rising

Just before her wedding, wealthy heiress Louisa So is charged and imprisoned for murdering her adoptive mother. She encounters her long-lost sister Leila Tong, who is a corrections officer, and consequently, is reunited with elder sister Kristal Tin as well. Kristal and Leila run around to try to prove Louisa's innocence.

Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. After Kristal and her boyfriend Sunny Chan give birth to a son, she discovers that she is terminally ill. She decides to take the fall for Louisa and enters prison in her place. Leila continues investigating on her own and is shocked to discover that Kristal's medical report was actually a plot by Louisa. She finds it difficult to accept what her sister has done.

To prevent Kristal from suffering innocently in prison, Leila knowingly breaks the law and helps with Kristal's plan to escape. Louisa wants to eliminate all loose ends and ruthlessly goes after Kristal. But it causes her beloved husband's (Ben Wong) family to be ruined, making her feel extremely guilty. From then on, the three sisters' fate and safety is tied to the barred windows of prison...

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My Unfair Lady Theme Song

The theme song for My Unfair Lady is "I Don't Know How to Flirt" (我不會撒嬌) by Stephanie Ho.

The ending theme song is "Sand in Hand" (手中沙), by Hana Kuk.

Overview - My Unfair Lady

Successful property manager Jessica Hsuan has a midas touch. The shopping malls under her management have won countless awards. She is also a super-control freak. Her top assistant, her cousin Natalie Tong, is obedient, hard-working and has even learned fake flirting techniques, helping Jessica solve many problems. Just as Jessica's career is going well, with hopes of joining the board of directors, the company hires marketing genius Frankie Lam to have equal footing as her! The ex-couple have a love-hate relationship and battle it out in the workplace. Jessica even uses beautiful female trainee, "Shanghai Man Slayer" Samantha Ko, to get close to Frankie and gather intelligence. Except Samantha not only covets Jessica's job, but also her man. The two women begin an intense fight!

Meanwhile, Natalie discovers that her boyfriend Chris Lai has cheated on her. In her time of disappointment, she encounters a deeply passionate gentlemen, Vincent Wong. She thinks their relationship will come to fruition, until his sweet and gentle cousin from Taiwan suddenly confesses her love for him. Natalie immediately seems pale by comparison! What's worse is that Vincent appears to be abnormally afraid of marriage. Does Natalie, whose aspiration is to be married, have no hopes for marriage? Can the two cousins, both competent women, but unable to flirt, ultimately reverse their misfortune and find happiness?

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Overview - The No No Girl

Adia Chan's love life has been full of thorns. She is over 40 years old and still busy dealing with her ex-boyfriend's debts of gratitude. With no house and no job, and having experienced a woman's most painful of being abandoned by the groom on her wedding day, Adia has no choice but to participate in a comeback competition organized by a hotel for the biggest losers. She hopes that it will lead to a stable job and income. It turns out that the event organizer is Eddie Cheung, whom she had a one-night stand with many years ago. He appears to have forgotten about her. They develop a good employer-employee relationship. Eddie's son, Owen Cheung, was originally the general manager of the hotel, but is demoted to trainee after angering his father. With help and advice from Adia, Owen is able to gradually improve his relationship with his father. Owen loses his direction when he falls in love with a mysterious girl, fellow trainee Jeannie Chan. On one hand, she is a rival; on the other hand, he wants to love and protect her. More ironically, when Eddie inadvertently discovers that Adia was the girl that he had a one-night stand with, he immediately changes the rules to turn it into an elimination competition. It changes everyone's relationship as they compete against each other. The circumstances force a "nothing woman" to make a resolution...

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The No No Girl Promo Clips

Promo #1

Promo #2

Promo #3

Promo #4

Promo #5

Promo #6

Promo #7

Promo #8

Promo #9

Promo #10

Promo #11

Promo #12

Extended Trailer

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My Dearly Sinful Mind Theme Song

The theme song for My Dearly Sinful Mind is "Cage" (籠牢) by Alfred Hui.

The ending theme song is "The Night You Left" (你走的那個晚上) by Fred Cheng.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Overview - My Dearly Sinful Mind

After his girlfriend died in a car crash, sorrowful psychologist Kenneth Ma spends five years investigating the truth of the incident. His girlfriend once conducted a psychological assessment for a schoolyard murderer (Wai Kai Hung). Her report indicated that he lacked a motive or violent tenancies. During the course of his investigation, Kenneth meets Matt Yeung, a genius with Asperger syndrome, and his sister (Sisley Choi), whom he is mutually dependent with. Matt's lack of social skills gives Sisley a lot of trouble. Many years ago, it even caused police officer Pierre Ngo's undercover mission to fail. But because of Kenneth, they eventually become friends and help Kenneth with finding the true killer. Grace Wong, a witness in the case who could not be contacted for many years, suddenly appears and visits Wai Kai Hung in prison, causing drastic changes in the case...

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FILMART 2017 - Series Synopsis

Married But Available

Newly weds Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung, one is the subordinate of "Black Devil Queen" Alice Chan, while the other is an assistant to phenom Raymond Wong. Raymond wants to get revenge for his father Hugo Ng by pulling step-mother Alice down from power. Priscilla and Tony are forced to conceal their marriage, putting them on the offensive and defensive! In the meantime, Tony re-encounters his childhood friend Kelly Fu, sparking a series of jokes and a marriage crisis.

My Dearly Sinful Mind

This series uses psychology to peer into people's hearts and understand the root of criminal activity. Psychologist Kenneth Ma exhausts his energy to understand the truth behind a murder case. He waves the righteous flag of uncovering the devil, but he is actually unscrupulous in trying to resolve his own personal matters. At this point, what is the difference between the investigator and the perpetrator?

Succession War

The rise and fall of dynasties and the changing of sovereigns are dictated by the Mandate of Heaven. Ruco Chan dominates the court, with power in his hands and wealth that rivals the nation. He is an minister that is closer to imperial power than the Emperor! Emperor Shaun Tam has the title, but no power; he falls victim to the times. He is a ruler that is further from power than ordinary citizens! Within 28 days, a battle between power and righteousness. Ultimately, will man prevail over the heavens, or is the Mandate of Heaven not to be violated?

A General, A Scholar and A Eunuch

During the late reign of the Wanli Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, the crown prince (Bob Cheung) had frequent conflicts with the eunuch faction, led by Timothy Cheng. Timothy secretly sends Eastern Depot officials after the crown princess (Grace Wong). Under the protection of Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho and eunuch Matthew Ho, the crown princess flees to an isolated, hazy forest. Amidst the chaos, the three of them and the crown princess get lost. When they emerge from the fog, they discover that they have traveled 400 years and arrived in the 21st century.

Nothing Special Force

The characteristic of the Miscellaneous Enquiries (ME) unit is "miscellaneous"! Their investigations include nuisance, liquor licenses, non-criminal deaths and other uncategorized cases. ME Inspector Ben Wong enjoys the slow-paced life. When he meets the impatient and pregnant Mandy Wong, they naturally clash. Former undercover C Kwan has been lazy on the ME unit for many years. When he re-encounters his first love Jacqueline Wong, will it reignite his spirit? As the ME unit handles bizarre cases, there is tears among laughter.


The fruit market of Yau Ma Tei is mixed with dragons and snakes. Muscle men pushing wooden carts, people and cars fighting for the road, sweat mixed with shouts. As the night gets later, there is more excitement. A divorced former celebrity and an elementary school teacher reach the end of the line, until she discovers that she is the successor of the fruit market. In order to reap the benefits that she is entitled to, she pulls out all stops among the crowd of men and fights to the end with the fruit market overlord, vowing to become the new boss of the fruit market.

The Learning Curve of a Warlord

During the chaotic Warlord Era, an eccentric soldier has a sudden stroke of luck and is promoted seven ranks to Marshal. He, along with his three silly friends, do all sorts of bizarre things. Meanwhile, externally, three wild warlords are eyeing him like a tiger. Internally, he doesn't know whether any of his three wives are spies. Ultimately, a battle for hegemony unfolds, with shells flying and dilemmas between friends.

The Forgotten Valley

In the early years of the Republic of China, in a remote, backwards-thinking village - Safety Valley - women have always been bullied by men due to a male chauvinist feudal philosophy. A couple that has been influenced by Western thinking return to Safety Valley, hoping to change and build their hometown. Unfortunately, they encounter a clash between the old and new ways of thinking and face many difficulties. They get embroiled into a mysterious ghost bride murder case. Behind the kidnapping and murder case, there is a group of women who have been oppressed by men in power. They have secretly united to carry out a revenge mission.

Oh My Grad

Education is not about grades, teaching is not just taking attendance and grading papers. Born to a family of educators, school principal Roger Kwok is full of passion for education, but loses his job when the school is closed down. He winds up returning to the rundown college that his parents had established, beginning a new chapter of his educational career. He encounters all types of students, along with a difficult-to-handle tiger mom Ada Choi, making the college's final year both splendid and plagued with misfortunes.

My Ages Apart

Following a strange incident, banking industry star Bobby Au-Yeung suddenly turns into post-90s youth James Ng! He meets Louis Cheung, who experienced the same transformation, and James' aunt Maggie Siu, whom he lives with. Bobby watches as his former apprentice Moses Chan tries to climb into the upper class society by becoming involved with his wife Kristal Tin and socialite Ali Lee. Bobby vows to defeat Moses using James' identity and make a comeback in the banking industry!

My Unfair Lady

Every one out of three Hong Kong women over 30 years old is unmarried. Jessica Hsuan, a mature executive who does not know how to flirt, re-encounters her ex-boyfriend, charming scholar Frankie Lam. He unexpectedly asks her: "Please control me!" Jessica's hand-picked assistant, Samantha Ko, not only goes after Jessica's career, but she is also interested in Frankie... Light-mature manager Natalie Tong has had tough luck in love. She encounters Vincent Wong, who is deeply romantic but fearful of marriage. His Taiwanese cousin uses her Taiwan-style natural flirting skills to challenge Natalie's Hong Kong style fake flirting, vowing to win over her cousin. Facing fierce attack from the most flirtatious beauties in all of China, the two Hong Kong representatives recall their past pains and vows to learn how to flirt in order to win back their lovers!

The Unholy Alliance 

Ruco Chan discovers his real identity as a result of an attack and is forced into the scheming world of power. The leader of a powerful corporation, Nina Paw, is forced to give up her biological son Ruco in order to protect her family. Female bodyguard Nancy Wu receives orders to protect Ruco, while Nina's adoptive son Joel Chan falls in love with Elaine Yiu, the daughter of the rivaling family. The love and animosity creates a story of blood and tears. 

The Unlawful Justice Squad

Different from an ordinary lawyer series, the main characters in this series are a blind lawyer whose senses transcend sight and has an extraordinary sense of touch, a private investigator who uses grey-area tactics to collect evidence, a female paralegal with a triad background, and a liberal judge who challenges the legal industry's conservative culture. They all have one commonality, that is, in order to defend justice, they are willing to use borderline tactics. The cases in this series will mostly reflect the rights of special groups, including the elderly, women and children, the disabled, those with mental disorders and transgender people... These special groups are actually all around us. Through the profession and tactics of the four main characters, the multi-perspectives make the audience think about the law. For example, a case of a young girl breaking into a house and assaulting someone brings together blind lawyer Vincent Wong, private investigator Owen Cheung, paralegal Sisley Choi and judge Ali Lee. At the same time as finding the truth in the case, the fates of the four people become linked together. With case after case that reflects the legal rights of special groups, the relationship between them also changes...

Heart of Greed III

Heart of Greed III describes two families with Hong Kong characteristics. On one hand, there is the British-style noble family, who immigrated over a hundred years ago during colonial times, They are blue-blood, disconnected elites - the true upper class, represented by the elegant British black tea. On the other hand, there is the grassroots, grounded family, who became rich due to the opportunities of the era and their fighting spirit. They are represented by the ordinary Hong Kong-style milk tea. By chance, the two families undergo a commercial merger. Their traits, preferences, education and quality are completely uncoordinated and do not fit together. One side speaks Oxford English, while the other side speaks colloquialism. One side must descend from the upper class to the lower class. The other side uses money to build an air of nobility and learns to be part of the upper class. Both types of families are considered to be the essence of Hong Kong culture. Their incompatibilities make for jokes, but also show the ugliness of humanity. In the end, the "grounded" family falls apart internally, with the head of the family toppled, siblings becoming rivals, and uncle and nephew in confrontation. It sets off another big storm. But there is still love in the world. After the storm, repentance is accepted and the conclusion of everything is motto of this series: "Using family as the basis, using love to surround the family."

Line Walker: The Prelude

In 2010, Michael Miu secretly travels to Bangkok to conduct a drug operation with his undercover agents in Thailand. As they finish their mission and are about to leave Thailand, an explosion causes all of Michael's undercover agents to die in a sea of fire. At the same time, Michael's good friend, CIB Inspector Eddie Cheung, is killed for unknown reasons, leaving Michael in charge of a female cop (Priscilla Wong) who is not yet officially an undercover. Michael knows that Eddie still has undercover agents whose identities have been deleted. To learn the truth about Eddie's death, Michael must find all of the undercovers. He and Priscilla begin to search for the undercover agents.

Meanwhile, triad leader Moses Chan wants to rebuild his triad and eradicates the senior members of the triad. Although Benz Hui is able to escape, his beloved wife dies in his arms. Afterwards, Benz sneaks into the police station and erases his undercover file to truly become a triad member. He establishes a new triad and vows to fight to the end against Moses. Michael and Priscilla confirm the identities of Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen. In order to find the other undercover agents as soon as possible, Michael infiltrates Moses' triad, where he encounters Jessica Hsuan, who is responsible for managing Moses' black money.  Michael thoroughly discovers another side of the criminal world.

Michael and the undercovers get drawn into the fight between Benz and Moses. To deal with Moses and other people that are controlling the black cops, Michael and the undercovers must ally with Benz. A series of murders of high-ranking police officers occur. Michael and Priscilla discover that it might be the work of Pakho. Pakho's identity is discovered by Moses and he is met with a tragic death... The battle between the two triads head towards a climax. They both become involved with the money laundering activities of an international criminal organization. Moses deals Benz with a crushing defeat, but at the same time, all of his black money disappears without a trace overnight. Crime bosses from all over the world descend on Hong Kong to question Moses. Michael sets up a trap and is prepared to capture all of the crime bosses at once. Moses goes on an all-out counterattack. Michael, Priscilla, Benz and Benjamin are on the "must-kill" list. Can they escape in the end?

Deep in the Realm of Conscience

During the reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, Steven Ma and Alice Chan stage a coup and execute the Empress (Michelle Yim) who was corroding the court system. They support Lee Lung Kei in reclaiming the throne. The palace appears to be returning to peace, but actually, the great waves are secretly approaching... On the court, the aunt-nephew camp of Alice and Steven begin to be divided and become like fire and water! Within the inner palace, Steven's wife Nancy Wu and favourite concubine Chrissie Chau compete with their beauty and cannot get along. Fortunately, within the deceitful inner palace, there is rare integrity. The heroic and righteous imperial guards, Kenneth Ma and Edwin Siu, and the quiet and elegant department heads, Jacqueline Wong and Annie Liu, are four genuine people that decorate the gloomy and cold palace halls with a brush of romance and add a little mystery... Some people will give up everything for their most beloved, while others will give up their soul for power! A series of unsolved cases occur in the palace. Within the layers and layers of mystery is a long-kept secret. As it is slowly unraveled, it reveals humanity's deep thirst for power and wealth...