Monday, November 27, 2017

Heart of Greed 3 Theme Song

No Heart of Greed series is complete without a stirring theme song by Susanna Kwan. The theme song for the third installment is "I Am Innocent" (我本無罪).

Linda Chung sings the sub-theme song, an English tune entitled "I Promise".

The ending theme song is a duet by Vincent Wong and Hana Kuk, named "Hesitate to Speak" (欲言又止).

A look back at the iconic theme songs for the previous two installments:

"Speechless" (講不出聲), Heart of Greed theme song

"Heart Appreciates" (心領), Heart of Greed sub-theme song

"Didn't Intend to Hurt You" (無心害你), Moonlight Resonance theme song

"Love Not Enough" (愛不疚), Moonlight Resonance sub-theme song

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