Monday, November 27, 2017

Overview - Heart of Greed 3

On the basis of their hard work, Louise Lee and husband Ha Yu develop their local restaurant into a real estate corporation. Louise's brother Bosco Wong even helps them get listed on the stock market. Ha Yu initially didn't want to be listed, but he remembers a favor Joseph Lee did for him years ago by helping him avoid a criminal conviction. Now, with Joseph's family print business on the verge of bankruptcy, Ha Yu is persuaded by Bosco's idea to benefit both families through a merger. His sister-in-law (Susanna Kwan) and her brother (Louis Yuen) vehemently oppose the idea. In addition, he has grievances with Joseph's wife (Michelle Yim) and is unimpressed by the family holding themselves out as upper-class people. But with Louise's support, they eventually reach a deal to merge. Unfortunately, the merger triggers a series of disasters for both families. The difference between the grassroots and the wealthy gives rise to intense conflicts. The relationship between Ha Yu's second son Vincent Wong and Joseph's only daughter Eliza Sam is full of obstacles, eventually forcing Vincent to leave. Louise is heartbroken. She is hit again when a scandal emerges between her eldest daughter Sharon Chan and a married man (Michael Tong). Even her beloved brother Bosco has a huge change in personality and has an ambiguous relationship with his friend Priscilla Wong. As the two families are torn apart, they also face a long-brewing storm of revenge...

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