Sunday, August 28, 2016

Overview - Inspector Gourmet

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Internet celebrity chef Kenneth Ma is fired after accidentally exposing his boss in a scandal. He turns to his step-sister Alvina Kong to work as a private investigator. But Alvina has a condition - Kenneth must first persuade "Golden Tongue" Louis Yuen to join the private investigation firm. Kenneth is forced to continuously cook tasty foods for this mysteriously person. Later, he finds out that Louis was actually known as "Inspector Gourmet" back in the day. After several challenges, Louis finally agrees to join the firm. In the process, they meet a reporter who once had amnesia (Eliza Sam) and a car racer (Priscilla Wong). Both have different strengths and join the firm as well. The four of them form an odd detective team, yet they solve many cases. Kenneth sees Eliza as his goddess. To cater to her tastes, he frequently visits her favourite dessert store, where he meets pastry chef Jacqueline Wong and her cowardly boyfriend Oscar Leung and opens up a series of unusual cases...

Overview - Brother's Keeper II

After many hardships, Edwin Siu and Kristal Tin successfully establish the "Lo Shun Kei" brand in Hong Kong and Macau. However, this draws dissatisfaction from junket turned real estate developer Hugo Ng, who uses underhand tactics to suppress them. Edwin is betrayed by his trusted aide (Matt Yeung). Feeling that the world is too chaotic, Edwin travels to Japan to find a peaceful space. There, he falls in love with a mysterious girl (Grace Chan) and gets embroiled in a twenty-year old murder case! Meanwhile, Kristal's husband, Louis Yuen, suffers a brain injury from a plane accident and sees her as a stranger... In addition, Ruco Chan has returned to look for his old love, Linda Chung. Faced with these sudden attacks to their family, love life and business, how will Edwin and Kristal handle it?

Inspector Gourmet Theme Song

The theme song for Inspector Gourmet is sung by Jinny Ng, entitled "Tempted Heart Person" (誘心人).

The sub-theme song is "I Cannot Remember" (我記不起) by Linda Chung.