Monday, July 12, 2021

Artist Spotlight: Carman Kwan

This is a new feature where I will be highlighting some of the new and old faces at TVB. 

Carman Kwan (關嘉敏) is the captain of the girl group, Bingo. She first became known to audiences for looking like Chrissie Chau when she appeared on a ViuTV reality show. She also competed on ViuTV's King Maker III, making it to the Top 20. 

Carmen drew criticism from netizens for being a “turncoat” when she signed with TVB earlier this year, but she clarified that it was because ViuTV did not offer her a contract. After signing with TVB, Carman has appeared on a number of variety shows, including Mean Talk, Prelude to TVB All Star Games: The Ring and Dance for Life. She has also had cameos on Forensic Heroes IV and Sinister Beings.

Carman’s talents include Chinese dance and gymnastics. 

As a wedding dress model in Forensic Heroes IV (right)
As an e-sports gamer in Sinister Beings (center)

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