Saturday, October 28, 2017

Overview - The Exorcist’s Meter

Night-shift taxi driver Kenneth Ma lost his parents at a young age. After narrowly escaping death multiple times, he has seen through the vanity of the world and has adopted a "need no achievements, make no mistakes" attitude towards life. But inside Kenneth's heart, there is one name - Mandy Wong. Every day, he drives this doctor to and from work, cherishing the time that belongs to only the two of them. Little does he know that he will become her guardian in the future.

One night, Kenneth urinates on a public highway and releases the curse of the hundred-year old spirit (Hubert Wu). Kenneth experiences a series of inconceivable events and sees things that other people cannot see. When Moon Lau, the online radio host of a supernatural show, learns of this, she continuously pesters Kenneth. Kenneth is initially annoyed by this, but eventually starts to conquer demons alongside Hubert to make money. Unfortunately, his supernatural powers brings bad luck to the people around him. A horrifying car accident causes Mandy's soul to leave her body. Kenneth, Hubert and Moon work together to investigate and discover that the accident was actually a careful set-up by police officer Hugo Wong...

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