Saturday, September 23, 2017

Overview - Nothing Special Force

Initially a future star in the police force, Ben Wong changes his attitude towards life due to a hereditary disease. He begins to slow down and enjoy every moment of life. He gains the recognition of Chief Inspector Geoffrey Wong and is transferred to the Miscellaneous Enquiries unit. He manages a team of extraordinary people, including a lazy former undercover (C Kwan), an over-passionate conspiracy theorist and rookie (Jacqueline Wong), a muscular, warm gentleman nicknamed "Fighter Plane" (Arnold Kwok) and a fiery tempered, pregnant single mom (Mandy Wong). All non-criminal cases that cannot be categorized are handled by the Miscellaneous Unit. Mandy ignores Ben's objections and insists on investigating death cases, taking what is colloquially called the "death king's post". Despite their disagreements, they establish mutual trust. Mandy even encourages Ben to overcome his illness, but Ben still hasn't gotten over his ex-girlfriend (Joyce Tang), so he remains silent. Unexpectedly, a mistake by C Kwan during an operation puts Mandy in danger. Ben tries his best to search for Mandy based on his intermittent memory...

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