Sunday, September 17, 2017

Overview - Line Walker: The Prelude

In 2010, CIB's Michael Miu conducts a secret operation in Bangkok, Thailand. All his undercover agents die in a sea of fire. At the same time, his good friend, Senior Inspector Eddie Cheung, is murdered under mysterious circumstances, leaving Michael with a yet-to-be undercover, Priscilla Wong. To learn the truth, Michael must quickly find the rest of Eddie's missing undercover agents.

Meanwhile, there is internal conflict within Hong Kong's biggest triad. Triad leader Moses Chan is undergoing a purge. Benz Hui narrowly avoids death, but loses his beloved wife. He decides to thoroughly turn into a triad member. He sets up his own gang and swears opposition to Moses. Over the course of Michael and Priscilla's investigation into Moses' organization, they meet Pakho Chau and Benjamin Yuen, as well as Jessica Hsuan, who manages Moses' money. As the influence of the black cops controlled by Moses expands, Michael and Priscilla have no choice but to ally with Benz. Trust and betrayal are repeatedly put on display. Michael vows to remove the roots of the evil forces, leaving him with no choice but to risk death in the ultimate mission...

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