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TVB Sales Presentation 2018

Another Era

The corporate world is an epitome of society. Greed causes people to become obsessed with the moment and stop moving forward. Hate causes people to be caught up with the past, leading to suffering on both sides. The beginning of a new era requires not only dreams and vision, but also the countercurrent spirit of changing the impossible to the possible! The 2008 financial crisis swept the whole world. Ambitious businessman Roger Kwok seizes the opportunity to take over Hong Kong's largest corporation, but is blocked by wealthy businessman Pat Poon. Roger holds a grudge and looks for an opportunity to get revenge. Ten years later, Pat becomes the richest person in Hong Kong, yet encounters unfortunate circumstances. When his son is killed in an accident, Pat suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. To manage the family business, his inexperienced daughter Niki Chow, with the help of private equity fund manager Frankie Lam, engages in a corporate war with Roger. When Pat awakens, he, along with Roger's wife (Tavia Yeung), Wu Fung's grandson (Benjamin Yuen), and a young entrepreneur (Pakho Chau) all join the battle. Everyone's fate become entangled as they stir up another battle of the century...

Interest level: 3.5/5. Only for cast. 

Deep in the Realm of Conscience

During the era of Emperor Shang of Tang, Steven Ma and his aunt Alice Chan stage a political coup. They promptly execute the empress dowager (Michelle Yim) who was eyeing the throne, and restore Lee Lung Kei as the rightful ruler. The palace appears to have returned to a peaceful state, but in fact, there is a surging undercurrent... On the imperial court, the winds are changing as Steven and Alice break into their own camps and oppose each other! In the inner palace, the concubines are fighting for power. Nancy Wu and Chrissie Chau establish their own camps and try to outwit each other. Palace guards Kenneth Ma and Edwin Siu and palace maids Annie Liu and Jacqueline Wong use their genuine personalities to paint a stroke of romance in the palace... In the inner palace, unsolved cases are rampant! After careful investigation, a shocking secret that has been hidden for many years is revealed. At the absolute peak is unpredictability! Behind the palace's high walls are scenes with soul-stirring emotions of love, hate, passion and revenge!

Interest level: 4/5. Very interesting historical period, but not a fan of the goody two-shoes characters. 

The Learning Curve of a Warlord

The early Republican era was filled with continuous warfare. Warlords established themselves in each region. This was a time period with no laws or justice. Whoever was stronger and meaner ruled. But it was precisely because of this absurdity that all kinds of weird stories happened. This series uses relaxing, humourous, ridiculous and exaggerated methods to portray Dicky Cheung's legendary life. He was a small character during a grand era who was promoted to warlord. A story that contains joys and sorrows, depicts the choices and results of each character during a chaotic time and brings enlightenment to the modern world. Corporal Dicky has no particular talents, only relying on his unscrupulous mind and silver tongue. Along with his friends, Tony Hung, Tsui Wing and Oscar Li, the four of them experience life and death situations on the battlefield. By luck, Dicky is promoted seven ranks to brigade captain, put in charge of a village and rewarded with three women to be his wives. Dicky believes he can now enjoy life, but instead he is faced with enemies on all sides. He uses brilliant schemes to resolve the risky situation and even strengthens his power. At this time, a series of weird incidents occur in the village. It turns out that the revolutionaries and the Japanese have infiltrated the village and the spies for each of the powers is Dicky's wives! How will Dicky solve this?

Interest level: 4/5. Dicky Cheung never disappoints! 

The Forgotten Valley

The story occurs during the early Republican era, a time period between conservatism and open-mindedness. Chinese people have been stuck in their ways for two thousand years, clashing with Western culture. But is it the Confucian traditions or rather, despicable humanity that is being oppressive? In a society that regards men as superior to women, the humanity of women has been twisted. Through stories of women being forced into slavery, concubinage and self-immolation, it reflects on the absurdity and tragedies of old society's backwards thinking and superstitions. Raymond Wong and Grace Chan are a couple that have been influenced by Western thinking. They want to reform their backwards, close-minded village, yet become embroiled in a mysterious ghost bride murder and kidnapping case. It turns out that a group of oppressed wives, concubines, daughters and maids have secretly formed a coalition to protect other female victims. In order to punish the bad men, they deliberately obscure matters. But accidents frequently arise and it even implicates Raymond and Grace. Upon investigation, the women coalition is exposed and the battle between men and women intensify. At this time, bandits invade the village. To defend their home, everyone lets go of their prejudices and join together to fight against the enemy. In the end, they understand the principles of gender equality and mutual respect.

Interest level: 0/5. Hard pass.

Daddy Cool

In 1945, during the occupation of Hong Kong, thirty year-old guerrilla fighter Carlos Chan was frozen by the Japanese army in their laboratory. Seventy-three years later, he is accidentally unfrozen and awakens. After many difficulties, Carlos finds his 73-year old son (John Chiang) and 47-year old grandson (Wayne Lai) in the year 2018. He discovers that John has a cunning character and is fraudulently on welfare, while Wayne is superstitious and greedy for money. Carlos desperately tries to bring his descendants back onto the right track. Meanwhile, he is assigned to work in the Social Welfare Department, where he meets a half-Japanese, half-Chinese girl, Rosina Lam. They break through barriers and fall in love. Patrica Ha, a secretive wealthy lady, falls in love with the "warm gentleman" Chris Lai and becomes involved in his murder trial. To help him beat the charges, she hires Wayne, a famous feng shui master, to set up a feng shui array. But Wayne ignores right and wrong because of his greediness, planting a root for trouble and even getting Carlos and John wrapped up in another murder case...

Interest level: 2/5. This sounds like a mix between Captain America and reverse A Chip off the Old Block.

Dong Yen's Time

"Who stole my time?" This is a common complaint among busy city people! This series uses the intersection of time and life as its theme. Through the unexpected adventures of the characters and the main leads' entanglement with life and death, a romantic fantasy develops. Benjamin Yuen is an ordinary worker. His time every day seems to be stolen by his job. One rare day, he was able to leave work on time, but is nearly killed as he was rushing home. Fortunately, a off-duty paramedic Natalie saves his life. Since then, Benjamin discovers that he has supernatural powers to steal other people's time and extend his life. Wandering at the edge of life and death makes Benjamin think about his experiences. There are major changes in terms of family, friends and work. But only he bears the burden of extending life, making him unable to be with Natalie, even though they love each other. In addition, Rebecca Zhu, who has a puzzling relationship with Benjamin, intervenes. Can Benjamin keep the touching moments?

Interest level: 1/5. Sounds dumb.


The Fruit Market, located in the heart of Kowloon's Yau Ma Tei, has over a hundred years of history. Its location is convenient for sea and ground transportation, with its face to the harbour and back connected to the city. It has over two hundred shops, with more than 2000 employees, providing retail and wholesale distribution of fruits for Hong Kong and neighbouring regions. The unique architecture has over a hundred of years of history. Although it looks old and rickety, and unable to withstand the wind and rain, it has stood for a century. The reason is because within this community, there are many hidden heroes with huge power and contributions. But the "big sister" is not a triad leader; it is a new generation of self-motivated women. A minor celebrity (Alice Chan) who values money and fame, a principled teacher (Eliza Sam) and a bar girl (Crystal Fung) are the representative "big sisters." They live among a group of citizens who sell their labour and sweat profusely each day. The series describes how the three of them exhibit the female qualities of mutual love and warmth. Apple-colada will set the new model for virtue - loyalty and warmth.

Interest level: 1/5. TVB tries to talk about feminism, but still promotes stereotypes about women. 

Life on the Line

If CPR is administered within ten minutes of when the heart stops beating, the possibility of survival can increase by 90%. Paramedics are the first responders during this golden time period. Life on the Line uses realistic techniques and real cases. It received full cooperation from the fire department and conducted filming at the Fire Ambulance Services Academy and at a real ambulance station. It presents the most realistic and little-known side of paramedic work, revealing a paramedic's daily experiences between life and death. Faced with the solemn duty of rescue, they learn to respect life. They are humbled by the fate of life and learn that life is fickle. The highly experienced Principal Ambulanceman Joe Ma had a perfect, blissful family until a drunk driver caused the death of his wife. Because of this, he hates people who behave recklessly. By chance, Matthew Ho, whose parents divorced when he was young, becomes Joe's subordinate. Through the different cases that the two of them handle, the audience can feel that a paramedic's comforting words, or just silent accompaniment, can reduce the fear that citizens have when injured and the bleakness of death.

Interest level: 3/5. A series focused on paramedics is fresh, plus Matthew Ho is the new eye candy.

OMG, Your Honour

Using a relaxing, humourous, close to reality and simple style, through the experience of several new lawyers and their mentors, the series depicts the social changes and challenges in Hong Kong over the past two to three years. The large amount of courtroom scenes allows the audience to experience the judicial process with dramatic aspects. Among the cases are some recent high-profile and controversial cases in Hong Kong. Ben Wong and Eddie Kwan are famous lawyers in the city. They frequently battle each other in court and don't get along outside of court. They hold a grudge from a past case, as well as personal matters, putting them at odds with each other, but their apprentices become good friends. All of them are new lawyers, each with their way of living. Some hold fast to their principles, some are willing to discount their price; some depend on their former networks, some depend on their father's help, and some depend only on superficial work. As a rookie, the judge can scold you, the more experienced opposing counsel can make things difficult, and solicitors and paralegals who recommend cases to you can pressure you to lower your price. Being a lawyer is not as glamorous as everyone thinks. New lawyers must stumble along like this to grow up.

Interest level: 3.5/5. I'm sure I'll be objecting to what TVB thinks is the law, but I still like to watch legal dramas.

The Stunt

The series revolves around the lives of stuntmen in the movie industry. They have a seemingly glamorous, but actually very difficult job. The series reveals the danger and hardships and the dedication of stunt doubles. At the same time, the characters' friendship, family and romance are weaved into a heart-warming story. Through their choices and changes in attitude towards life and work, it shows the idea that even if the opportunity is not yours, you should not give up. As long as you work hard, you can shine in any position! The "Peak Stunt Team" used to be a famous stunt team in the Hong Kong movie industry, but as the movie industry declined, the team also fell from its peak. Two years ago, a team member got in an accident during filming and became permanently crippled. Shaun Tam blames himself for it and feels extremely guilty. He gradually dissolves the stunt team. This causes his relationship with his junior, Rebecca Zhu, to reach the bottom. To fulfill her late father's wishes, Rebecca does everything she can to make Shaun re-establish the team. After many difficulties, Shaun finally overcomes his psychological barrier and leads the team back to the filming studio. Shaun also discovers that he has other feelings towards his junior Rebecca.

Interest level: 3.5/5. Wonder if there will be some inside gossip about the entertainment industry.

Succession War

Ruco Chan is the most successful official of the Qing Dynasty, the 18th century's wealthiest person, and the "King of Corruption" who dominated the court and whose wealth rivaled the nation! This series uses as its blueprint, this intelligent and clever legendary figure who had ups and downs in his life. During the final 28 days of his life, Ruco engages in a fierce life or death battle with the Emperor, Shaun Tam. It depicts the dark side of humanity, where good and evil is difficult to distinguish. The characters' tangled and complicated battles and struggle for power detail the exquisite human nature. It is difficult to distinguish between friend and foe as each step presses closer and there is one climax after another. The rise and fall of dynasties and the replacement of rulers is part of the Mandate of Heaven. Ruco dominates the court, holding military power in his hands and has wealth that rivals the nation. He is a minister that is closer to imperial power than the Emperor! Shaun is an emperor in name only, without actual power and alone in battle. He endures humiliation and has lost to the circumstances. He is a ruler that is further from power than ordinary citizens! But within 28 days, Shaun is able to put Ruco to death! Did Ruco lose to Shaun or did he lose to his unrestrained ambition? Can humans dictate fate or is the Mandate of Heaven inviolable?

Interest level: 5/5. A historical series with Ruco Chan. Yes please!

Fist Fight

Three people with different backgrounds: famous British security guard Matt Yeung, Internet celebrity Vincent Wong, and Hong Kong police officer Phillip Ng. They meet at an international boxing competition organized by Vincent, thus beginning a series of adventures. The three of them make a major discovery. They are all naturally competitive, but there is also a secret commonality between them. After many twists and turns, they finally discover the reason for their profound fate. Each of their romantic paths are also full of challenges! Matt meets a passionate boxing coach (Tiffany Lau), who helps him resolve something that has been bothering him. The carefree Vincent meets a rookie bodyguard (Kamen Kong). He purposefully makes things difficult for her, but it only makes them become closer. Phillip, who doesn't do things by the book, leaves the police force and his relationship with his former partner, Rebecca Zhu, takes a turn for the worse. Later, they resolve their misunderstandings and even develop feelings for each other. Matt, Vincent and Phillip go from strangers to misunderstandings to going through challenges together to burying the hatchet, and in the end, falling out. Their brotherhood is tested. Ultimately, can they use their natural talents to discover a shocking plot and reveal the real enemy?

Interest level: 3/5. The synopsis sounds corny, but I'm curious about the mystery.

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  1. Good post, miriamfanz! Thanks as always for the summary and your thoughts on upcoming series. :-)

    I don’t watch TVB series much anymore but I still follow what is going on in the TVB universe. I watched the sales presentation last week and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed. None of next year’s series interest me despite some of my favorite artists being in them (i.e. Roger Kwok, Wayne Lai, etc.). It’s kind of weird, but the last couple years, my interest in TVB has waned to the point that watching their series feels like such a chore. I joke with my friends that perhaps I’ve finally “graduated” from watching “kindergarten productions” (love this moniker for TVB series coined by Anthony Wong!) to more serious fare -- series with more depth to them that are actually thought-provoking and deals more with real-life issues. I’ve actually been more interested in ViuTV’s series this year and also a few web series produced by various outside companies.

    But I digress….back to the TVB sales preso….

    Looks like Shaun Tam is the new “favored son” next year with 3 series in production, with one of them being a major project (Justice Pao) in which he is following in his dad Ti Lung’s footsteps. Not sure how I feel about Shaun Tam’s acting, since I’ve only seen him in a few minor roles in movies. With that said though, definitely not interested in watching Justice Pao, as it looks dumb and obviously will be focused on romantic relationships more than cases, since the story is supposed to be about Pao’s younger years…plus, as usual, I have issues with TVB messing with classics so I’m not going to bother watching so as not to get myself all worked up. Succession Wars does look interesting, mostly due to the historical period, but seeing that TVB never gets the history part right and I’m not keen on the cast, I don’t feel motivated to watch.

    I like Dicky Cheung and know that he probably won’t disappoint in terms of the acting, but the premise of the series sounds silly – the trailer and poster both remind me of the Misadventures of Zoo, a series that I was never fond of despite it being a classic (and of course I didn’t watch the remake they did last year), so there’s that. Also, I worry about the script, as we all know how much TVB’s scripts suck nowadays, to the point that even the best actors/actresses on the planet can’t even save it – unless Dicky was involved with certain aspects of the script somehow and was able to infuse more of his personal touch to the series, then at least the series will be worth watching for him. I doubt it though, as all the series from the past couple years where TVB invited veterans back to film for them have all sucked pretty much because they rely solely on the star power and name recognition of the artists to attract audiences to watch and don’t bother writing a good script or making sure quality is up to par (I read an article the other day where it talked about this, which is something I’ve been saying for at least the past decade…it was rewarding to finally hear the mainstream media talking about this).

    As for the rest of the series – not much comment except to say that I’m not interested in any of them…