Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Police Career of Ben Wong

As a teenager, Ben studies at the Royal Police Cadet School. He then graduates from the Police Training School and spends his first three years of service on the Patrol Sub Unit and Police Tactical Unit.

With a promotion to Sergeant, he joins the Criminal Investigation Department (The Threshold of a Persona).

Following the arrest of his previous superior, Ben continues to work as a CID detective under a new boss (movie Life Without Principles).

Next, he takes on an undercover assignment from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Lives of Omission).

Upon completing his mission, he is transferred to the Commercial Crime Bureau (The Ultimate Addiction).

Ben is promoted to Senior Inspector and rejoins the PTU in a leadership capacity (movie Tactical Unit - Comrade in Arms).

Ben is given the chance to lead his own CID team (A Great Way to Care I and II)

A promotion to Chief Inspector comes next, along with a move to the Narcotics Bureau (Highs and Lows)
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Ben briefly takes over the reins of the Special Duties Unit (movie Firestorm)

After years of hard work, Ben reaches the rank of Superintendent. He returns to the PTU for the third time, this time as its chief commander (On the First Beat).

Ben brings his leadership and experience to another region of the police force (movie City Under Siege).

Ben's next job will be to take over the newly created Miscellaneous Enquiries unit. (Nothing Special Force)

Updated September 24, 2017


  1. oh wow! i had no idea Ben Wong acted as a police in so many dramas and films! impressive!

    was he really a police before becoming an actor??

    1. Yep, he went to police school at a young age and served as a police officer for 3 years before becoming an actor

  2. It has been almost a 5 years from the above comment, after catching the 30 episode of (The Defected), the last promotion was (ACP), hope his next drama acting as a CP to manage the whole police force with some commanding slides in special duties.