Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Overview - Black Heart White Soul

A single robbery case ends up tying together the fate of three people: wheelchair barrister Roger Kwok, Hong Kong girl Kristal Tin and CID detective Ron Ng. Implicated by her boyfriend, Kristal is found guilty of conspiring to commit robbery. Even though Roger, as her defence lawyer, is unable to help her win an acquittal, seeds of love are planted between the pair. Roger helps Kristal start a new life after prison. Meanwhile, Ron discovers that Roger was the bystander that he had mistakenly shot many years ago, causing Roger to become disabled. But instead of hatred, Roger treats Ron as his friend. Ever since Roger was injured, he was abandoned by his family and had to work twice as hard to survive. He finally makes a name for himself in the legal industry and is recruited by wealthy businessmen Louis Cheung and Waise Lee. However, whenever goodness is formed, there is evil. As Roger climbs higher, Ron becomes increasingly aware of his treachery. It seems like everyone, including Kristal, is falling into one trap after another, leaving a messy dilemma...

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