Thursday, May 30, 2013

TVB Stars @ Toronto

Each year, Fairchild TV (Canada's Chinese network) invites TVB stars to come to Canada to perform at its TVB Fans Party. This year, the guests were Ruco Chan, Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma and Sonija Kwok. I was at their autograph session in Toronto.

It's so cool seeing Ruco again after seeing him in Hong Kong!


  1. Can you please tell me which tvb stars came last year? I honestly don't remember. Thanks!

    And also, it's different because TVB sent Virginia Lok and the four starts you mentioned..

    1. Never mind, I found who came last year.

    2. Last year, it was Sunny Chan, Natalie Tong, Kenny Wong, Johnson Lee. The event usually takes place in Sept, but it was moved up this year to coincide with the launch of Fairchild's 2nd channel.