Thursday, May 02, 2013

Hidden Singing Talents

TVB will be producing The Voice 4 in the summer with celebrity contestants. Auditions are underway to find contestants for the show. Here's a sampling of hidden singing talents within TVB:

Ram Chiang began his career as a talented songwriter. Although his songs were big hits, he did not experience the same popularity rise as a singer. Disheartened, Ram abandoned music for television. His duet "相逢何必曾相識" with Rita Carpio is still considered a classic today.

Ram was also part of the duo that sang the famous song "皇后大道東" (Queen's Road East)

Michael Tse was one-third of the 1990s band "Wind Fire Sea", which also included Jordan Chan. This is the theme song of the first Young and Dangerous movie, "我話事" (I Decide). The group disbanded after the Young and Dangerous series.

In recent years, Michael has recorded theme songs for TVB dramas, such as "愛從心" (Love from the Heart) with Niki Chow for Sergeant Tabloid.

Patrick Tang was the first TVB-contracted artist to simultaneously develop a music and acting career. The song "朋友二號" (Friend No.2) is his representative work.

Another song I like by Patrick is "十年後的你" 

Ruco Chan released his debut EP in 1998, but was left without a contract after his record company was bought out. He sung several theme songs while at ATV.  Here, he performs three songs as a guest performer at a concert.

Ruco sang the theme song "小草" (Tiny Grass) for Reality Check earlier this year.

Vincent Wong entered the showbiz as a singer. After two albums, he decided to put his focus on acting. His most recent music works were two duets with Myolie Wu. This following song is called "哪時此刻".

Vincent's other duet with Myolie is "最難過今天" (Most Difficult to Pass Today), a sub-theme song of War of In-Laws II.

Jack Wu won a karaoke singing contest and was promptly signed by a record company. His first song "一個諾言" (One Promise) is a play on his Chinese name (胡諾言). Met with lackluster response, he soon signed on with TVB.

Jack performing "追" (Chase), originally by Leslie Cheung.

Joel Chan is busy with other things these days, but years ago, he was handpicked by Andy Lau to join his record company. His first music video was for the song "ABCD". Also check out Joel's rendition of Raymond Lam's "Searching for You in Loving Memories"

Roger Kwok hit a rough patch in his acting career in 1995, so he decided to try his hand at singing. Perhaps luckily for us, it didn't work out for him, otherwise we wouldn't have the beloved "Ah Wong". Now, Roger sporadically sings theme songs for dramas, such as the theme and sub-theme song for Life Made Simple, both with his "wife" Jessica Hsuan.

Raymond Cho released three albums with mediocre success. He had better luck as an actor, becoming known with his role in the Healing Hands franchise. A song "不惜一切" from his third album.

Edwin Siu had a strong start to his singing career, winning multiple newcomer awards. Unfortunately, he was forced away by negative press. Currently a rising star at TVB, he has a chance to revive his music career. Two recent theme songs by Edwin: Bullet Brain and A Great Way to Care 2

Lee Tim Sing first gained recognition from the audience as "Street-sweeper Mau" in Enjoy Yourself Tonight. As that character, he recorded a few songs that were put into compilation albums, including one called "黃賭毒歌" (Prostitution, Gambling, Drugs Song).

Check out the female list!

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  1. Ruco has an amazing voice.
    Have you seen the duets of Ruco and Linda yet?
    They both have an amazing voice.
    Oh, is Steven Ma going to be on it? Even though he left TVB. :)