Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hidden Singing Talents (2)

A previous post revealed some of the hidden male singing talents within TVB. This post will uncover some of the female voices hiding away in TVB.

Kristal Tin joined ATV after winning a singing competition. She recorded several theme songs at ATV, including this song, "熱燙的宇宙", for the 1994 FIFA World Cup broadcast. She is planning to release an album in the near future.

Christine Ng won multiple newcomer awards with her song "失落於巴黎鐵塔下" (La Tour Eiffel). She discontinued her music career after three albums, but recently picked up the mic again to sing the theme songs for Beauty at War.

Elvina Kong participated in the 1985 New Talent Singing Awards (alongside the likes of William So, Hacken Lee and Vivian Chow), performing the song "再見 Puppy Love". After the competition, she had a brief stint as a singer before signing on with TVB in 1988.

Toby Leung & Macy Chan were both members of the group "Girl's Dormitory". Their music had a youthful vibe, as shown in this MV for "換個話題". The group disbanded after a year. Toby went on to release an individual album, while Macy's musical works were limited to stage performances.

Mimi Lo made a hit with the song "挑戰者", but shortly afterwards, her singing career was put on hold due to contract issues. Although she recorded cover albums upon her return, she was largely forgotten as a singer until an impressive performance on The Voice.

Paisley Wu was discovered by Tats Lau (of the Tat Ming Pair), who shared her interest in alternative style music. Tats was featured in her music video, "了了". She has also worked with Jan Lamb and Edison Chen. Her involvement with music in recent years is as the host of music programs.

Rosanne Lui is a veteran singer renowned for her beautiful voice and unique style. She was already performing in nightclubs at a young age, and has held numerous concerts in Hong Kong and overseas. Her representative piece, "星光背後", from her 2007 concert. 

Joyce Tang was a finalist in the 1995 New Talent Singing Awards (in the same year as Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung). Her musical career was short-lived and limited to children's songs. Nonetheless, her song "魔法咕嚕咕嚕" proved popular among kids.

Rain Lau is a familiar supporting actress in many TVB dramas, but few people know that she debuted as a singer in the early 1990s. Her first plug was called "I'm Sorry". She released three albums before turning to acting. She is now contracted to HKTV.

Mona Fong, wife of Sir Run Run Shaw, was once a popular nightclub singer. She performed many English and Chinese songs. Her song "花月佳期" was a popular hit in the 1950s. She ended her on-stage career to work as a television executive in the Shaw Brothers Studio.

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