Thursday, June 13, 2013

Overview - Triumph in the Skies 2

After his beloved wife passes away, Francis Ng lingers in the U.K.on a long vacation, where he meets Fala Chen, a fellow traveller who is also mending a heart-break. When Francis returns to Hong Kong, he joins Skylette Airlines with a renewed passion for flying. However, his introverted personality puts him at odds with the flamboyant Julian Cheung. Coincidentally, Francis is the instructor for Julian's pilot captain training. To make matters more complicated, they both get involved with Fala, who has come to Hong Kong as a pilot trainee. The two men spar in their work and love lives...

Julian's sister, Myolie Wu, works as an aircraft maintenance technican with Skylette. She has a grudge against her brother because of certain events in the past. Ron Ng eventually helps the siblings resolve their differences, causing Myolie to develop feelings for him. But Ron is hestiant to start a relationship due to her fleeting resemblance to his late sister-in-law, fearing that it will trigger Francis's heart-breaking memories again.

Kenneth Ma is having difficulties choosing between his two girlfriends. He confides his problems with head stewardness Elena Kong and they become close friends. But one night, they end up in bed together... Meanwhile, former competitive swimmer Him Law is planning to become a pilot in his post-swimming days. He falls in love with stewardness Nancy Wu, who is serving as surrogate mother for a friend.

In between the flight arrivals and departures are stories of sadness, farewell, joy and reunion...

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  1. Not sure what this serie is all about ,But to many differant events. Nothing made sence watching it. Just a bad scripted drama.