Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Symbolism in Bullet Brain

A netizen pointed out how the characters in Bullet Brain can be used as symbolism for international relations. This was probably not TVB’s intention, but at least it’s something interesting from a boring series. (Read Bullet Brain Review)

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a political statement in any way. 

Dai Hei/Columbo (Wayne Lai) = Hong Kong
Initially a simple-minded person, he becomes intelligent after an accident. Hong Kong used to be just a small fishing town, but became prosperous as result of WWII.

Ping On (Pierre Ngo) = Macau
After an accident, he switches brain cells with Columbo and becomes the new Columbo. After the transfer of sovereignty of Macau, it replaced Hong Kong’s flourishing development.

Mui Mui (Natalie Tong) = China
She gave up on Dai Hei (cession of Hong Kong) for her own benefit (Opium Wars). Once he becomes the brilliant Columbo, she wants him back (handover of Hong Kong).

Szeto Nam (Natalie Tong) = Tibet
Always causing into trouble; the reason for Mui Mui’s (China) craziness.

Eva (Sire Ma) = Britain
She was at Columbo’s (Hong Kong) side through bad times. She negotiated with Mui Mui (China) regarding his future.

Fei Lung (Edwin Siu) = Singapore
Good, disciplined, youthful. He does well in everything, but is still not favoured by Eva (Britain).

Louis Kim (Joe Junior) = USA
As Secretary for Security, he has the power to make decisions that affect everyone.

Edward Scott (Brian Burrell) = Philippines
Corrupt, hated by everyone

Tong Kai Ming (Geoffrey Wong) = Taiwan
He was once with Mui Mui (China), but was later murdered by her, reflective of how the Kuomintang was defeated by the Communist Party.

Choi Tin (Lau Dan) = Malaysia
Extreme corruption; used to have poor relations with Edwin (Singapore), but now live together.

Joanna Rose (Corinna Chamberlain) = Portugal
Took care of Ping On (Macau), but left after his accident (Macau handover) and never interfered anymore.

Hospital Director Lee (Tang Ying Man) = United Nations
Examines Columbo along with other experts, showing his concern for Columbo’s (Hong Kong) condition. Has influential power that even Louis Kim (USA) listens to his advice.