Thursday, September 06, 2012

Heart Road GPS Location Filming

I randomly stumbled onto a location filming for the series Heart Road GPS while in Hong Kong. Such a simple scene, but it took them many takes and a long time to film. It was very exciting for me because I’ve never seen something being filmed before!
The scene is about Rachel Kan arguing with her boyfriend (an actor that I don’t recognize). He flings her to the ground and drives off. Ruco Chan and Louise Lee run across the street to her (almost getting hit by a truck, which Ruco stops). They help Rachel up and Louise comforts Rachel at the curb.


  1. Not totally sure but it could be Vincent Lam? He recently returned to TVB and he's going to be seen in Highs and Lows.

  2. Vincent Lam is in Heart Road GPS, so it probably is him!

    It must have been so awesome to see them filming :) I would love to see it some day, but I don't see myself going to Hong Kong any time soon :(

  3. Yes, it should be Vincent Lam. Funny, I don't see him on the cast list on wiki so I couldn't find out his name. Thanks for id'ing him!