Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hong Kong Adventures

A little overdue, but here's the post about my time in Hong Kong!

A Good Heart Goes Haywire Location Filming

I stumbled upon another TVB filming session. I couldn't get the name of the drama from any of the production people, but I suspect they were shooting for A Good Heart Goes Haywire since the actors I saw are all in that series.

There was no dialogue throughout the scene. From my guesstimation, Jack Wu and Benz Hui are following/spying on the light blue shirt guy (any help here?), who was walking two dogs. This would make sense since Benz plays a police officer in the series.

Also saw Sammy Shum in the TVB van, but couldn't snap a picture of him.

Opening Day of Racing Season

I was at the opening day of the racing season when I spotted Eric Tsang at the race course. He and Nat Chan are well-known horse-owners in the entertainment industry. Eric's horse finished first in one of the races, so he was taking pictures with the horse and jockey at the podium. Only managed to get picture of him in the crowd. Can you spot him? (click the picture to enlarge)

Divas in Distress Promotional Event

I was shopping and what do you know? There was a promotional event for Divas in Distress at that mall! Most of the cast was there, minus Gigi Wong, who apparently was in Canada at that time. The event started with the child actor "Michel" playing the piano along with someone singing the theme song. Then all the actors came out for games. The first game was to decorate a lantern (in anticipation of the Mid-Autumn Festival), with Liza Wang being the judge. Him and Mandy's team won.

For the second game, each of the couples were called up: Him/Mandy, Chin Ka Lok/Eliza, So Gei/Lo Lo. The ladies had to throw balls at the guys who were holding big pink hearts. The objective is to get as many of the balls to stick on the heart as possible. Him and Mandy won again. They seem to have so much chemistry even when playing games.

The final segment featured a performance of the English songs used in the drama. Him and Mandy did a little dance during their song.

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