Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overview - Highs and Lows

Michael Miu is the Senior Inspector of the Narcotics Bureau (NB) Operations Unit. He is mentor and friend to Raymond Lam, Senior Inspector of the NB Intelligence Unit. The two cooperate seamlessly to solve many cases. But Raymond discovers hints that Michael may have ties to drug dealers, so he quietly begins to investigate. Meanwhile, Chief Inspector Ben Wong causes further conflicts between the friends.

Meanwhile, Raymond meets Kate Tsui, an informant. Mutual love sparks, but Kate declines to begin a relationship because of her background. Instead, she lets newbie police officer Ella Koon win Raymond’s heart, leading to a complicated relationship between the three. With nothing to lose, Kate becomes the new “Drug Queen”, trafficking and dealing drugs without any regard of the law. Raymond is extremely hurt by Kate’s actions and decides to team up with Michael to battle against her. 

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