Saturday, August 25, 2012

Overview - The Last Steep Ascent

A young Moses Chan meets a soon-to-be married Maggie Cheung, leaving him with a lasting impression. Twenty years later, the two meet again when Moses works for a pharmacy owned by Maggie’s husband, KK Cheung. Maggie discovers that KK developed a relationship with his maid (Aimee Chan) while he was in San Francisco. But to protect the family’s honour, Maggie quietly turns a blind eye up until KK passes away from illness. Believing that Aimee was pregnant with KK’s child, Maggie even invites Aimee to live with her and treats her like a sister. The only person knowing the truth is Kenny Wong…

Meanwhile, Maggie takes control of the family business and faces heavy pressure from her brother-in-law and his son (Edwin Siu). Despite all criticisms, Moses steps out to help her navigate the challenges. In the past, Maggie was afraid to express her feelings due to traditional societal views and the relationship with her mother-in-law. Now, she is finally moved by Moses’ sincerity and they decide to move into the mountains to lead a peaceful life. Moses uses 50 years to complete a 6000 step stairway to heaven, signifying their cross-all-barriers love.

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