Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tiger Cubs Review

Producer: Lam Chi Wah
Genre: Police, action
Cast: Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuen, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Vincent Wong, Mandy Wong

Plot: The highly trained Special Duties Unit (SDU), commanded by Joe Ma, faces a slew of criminals, masterminds and kingpins. Out come the weapons and armour and off they go, always returning with mission completed. They take down everyone from drug dealers, bombers and kidnappers to a crazy psychiatrist to the “King of Thieves” Kenneth Ma.


This is a masterful creation by TVB; a model for police dramas. This is what TVB is capable of when they put effort and resources into a production. This series features action, action and more action. There’s a lot of explosive scenes, shooting, fighting, the like… When the SDU is not on a mission, they’re doing training exercises. They’re running, climbing and jumping around. You can still admire their physical prowess. There’s always movement on the screen, always excitement in the air that will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

I really like the format of this series. No plot, just case after case. Each case takes the span of about one episode. It is different from other police shows in that this is not an “investigation” series (i.e. collect clues, put two and two together, etc). You will likely recognize the bad guy right away since it’s a well-known guest star. This series is focus on the action. Out of nowhere, the SDU will be notified of the suspect and location. They will come in, break down doors, scour the place and subdue the bad guys. You won’t even see much planning or tactical strategy from the SDU.

Outside of the action, there’s the love side. Luckily, TVB does not ruin this show by allocating too much screen time for the relationships. First, there’s the love triangle between Joe, Oscar and Christine. But it isn’t much of a triangle because neither of them really loves her. They choose their friendship over fighting for a girl. After that, Christine sort of just continues hanging around the group. Then there’s the budding relationship between Joe and Jessica. At first Jessica is suicidal over her fiancĂ©’s death, which makes you wonder how she can continue being a cop. But eventually she’s able to let go with Joe’s encouragement. Their relationship is quite subtle and bearable even for people who hate watching romantic scenes (like me).

Acting-wise, there’s honestly very little acting required to run around with guns and armour. There were complaints about Christine Kuo, but she has little importance to the story anyways. I liked Oscar Leung the most. He’s very charming with his winks and he’s actually quite built-up.

The ending… someone dies, but it is not illogical and unnecessary, unlike previous dramas (*coughcough*LauKaHoDramas*). The death was necessary to set up the final epic showdown between the SDU and Kenneth.

One thing I think was missing: I hoped to actually see how Mandy Wong passes through the selection process and become a front-line SDU member. This is not shown, you only know because she’s sitting beside Him Law in full armour in the last shot.

You can either enjoy this series for the action or for the masculinity. I enjoyed both aspects.

Recommendation: Spectacular. 5/5


  1. Hi there! This is your first 5/5 series :D

    I agree very much with your review! Another thing that I like about Tiger Cubs is that every episode is very different. The story and background of every guest star is different to give every episode a fresh feeling. Even the first and the last episode which had the same villains turned out very different from one another!

    I also liked the fact that the Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan were the main characters, and not the fadans and siu sangs we see in every other series!

  2. I loved this series! Oscar is my favorite in this too, especially with his winking.

    I agree that the last death wasn't illogical. It made sense for the story. Ugh, I'm so glad that Lau Ka Ho has left TVB. I am not a fan of his series.