Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Overview - A Chip Off the Old Block II

Update Aug 8 2012: The official English title is "Divas in Distress".

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Translated Article:
Liza Wang and Gigi Wong are former actresses who share the same mentor. From their acting days to the present, their feud has gone on for 30 years. If not for their mentor, Chung King-fei (King Sir), they would never want to associate with one another again. But as irony has it, Gigi’s son, Chin Ka-Lok, is actually Liza’s son-in-law. Years ago, Liza’s daughter died while giving birth to his child, leaving Liza with a deep emotional scar. Now, news reporter/rich girl, Eliza Sum, suddenly appears on the scene for Chin Ka-Lok. Gigi wants for her son to remarry, while Liza tries to sabotage the relationship. Meanwhile, Liza wants her son, Him Law, to be successful in life. Yet he falls in love with Gigi’s niece, the tomboy-construction worker, Mandy Wong. Akin to her daughter and Chin Ka-Lok’s romance, Liza does everything she can to damage the budding love. All these conflicts cause Liza and Gigi’s old rivalry to resurface. Their quarrels make it tough for their children who are stuck in the middle.

Original article here (in Chinese)

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Comment: This is not a sequel of the first A Chip Off the Old Block. It is merely playing on the name of the original. A mainly veteran cast with some of the younger generation (Him Law, Mandy Wong). The synopsis reminds me of War of the in Laws, with Liza as the unreasonable mother-in-law. Why is she always given these bratty roles nowadays? I’d like to see Liza reprise the classy professional roles like in When Rules Turn Loose or A Matter of Customs. Gigi will likely be equally unforgiving in this drama, similar to the first A Chip Off the Old Block. This sounds like a delight to the housewife population, but a source of endless frustration for me. On the bright side, I can focus on the new school year…

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  1. Can't wait to see Lisa, Him and Mandy. Yes it is like War of In Law where Lisa is paired with two new stars.