Friday, September 26, 2014

Overview - Tomorrow Is Another Day

Senior correctional officer Lawrence Ng is stationed at the Stanley Prison and is in charge of prisoner discipline. Clashing with prisoners every day, he is under heavy pressure and must act carefully every step of the way. In contrast, his subordinate Vincent Wong frequently ignores the rules and has close contact with the prisoners, even developing a relationship with one of them. This causes a lot of tension between him and Lawrence.

Kate Tsui, who works at the Lo Wu Correctional Institution, has known Lawrence for many years. Despite their ten year age gap, she bravely expresses her love for him, but is met with his swift rejection. Lawrence's friend and colleague, Kenny Wong, who works in the Rehabilitation Division, knows that Lawrence is only using his sister (Jacqueline Wong) as an excuse to avoid new relationships because of his previous failed marriage. But Kenny is too busy with his own family problems to offer much help. Luckily, Kenny has the support of Lawrence's ex-wife (Jade Leung) and his colleague Tracy Chu.

The ordeals inside and outside the prison cell lead to complicated stories that most people cannot understand. With a large riot waiting to break out, Lawrence and his colleagues' lives are put into danger. In the end, can they overcome the challenges and complete their mission?

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