Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rear Mirror Thoughts

Good luck finding such intimacy between the two leads in this series.

Producer: Fong Chun-chiu
Genre: Modern, romance
Cast: Wayne Lai, Louisa So, Tony Hung, Natalie Tong

  • An analogy to describe Rear Mirror: a minibus moves slower than a race car, but for some people, it is an acceptable mode of transportation. Translation: If you want a simple drama to relax with, this is a good one; if you're looking for a thriller, look somewhere else. 
  • The romance between Wayne and Louisa has been described as "subtle". Subtle is the right word, if it meant barely existent. You can convince me that they have a deep friendship, but I'd be hard-pressed to believe romance is in the air for those two.
  • The family infighting plot adds some much-needed drama to the series, but at its core, it is just another formulaic TVB storyline. 
  • The abrupt change (or better to say, revelation) of Chung King-fai's character in the end was uncalled for. If the writers wanted a devious plot, they needed to give it more development. But in my opinion, such a plot does not fit with the overall atmosphere of the series.
  • Wayne Lai looks rather bored, or he is very tired. Either way, it felt like he was acting in his sleep. At times, there were flashes of "Chai Gau" from Rosy Business, which is not appropriate for his character in here.
  • Louisa So is a respectable actress, but she just didn't radiate the charm as leading lady. 
  • Tony Hung has proven himself to be a decent actor. He did a good job as a shy introvert with his hesitation and hand-wringing.
  • Natalie Tong has quietly been improving. An enjoyable performance and good chemistry with Tony.
  • This must be the third or fourth time Elaine Yiu has played the ex-girlfriend/ex-wife type.
  • I found Ram Chiang to be a little on the odd side. I don't get why his character always had the suspicious look. Would understand if he was in on the scheme by Chung King-fai, but he wasn't.
  • Amy Fan reminds me of Margie Tsang (Note: Margie was Roger Kwok's elder sister in D.I.E.)
  • It's a bit tiresome seeing the same veteran actors in every single drama, such as KK Cheung, Mary Hon, Lau Kong, etc.
  • Overall, another small production that will be forgotten soon enough. 

Rating: 2/5

Too lazy to write a proper review, but since some of you are asking, I decided just to share some of my thoughts on Rear Mirror.


  1. in regards to tony hung, i really enjoyed his character and thought he did a pretty good job with the shy introvert personality. didn't particularly like him before this, but somehow i was very drawn to his character haha

  2. thanks for posting this. i liked mk mui and ivan the most. skipped over wayne and louisa's parts. agree w/ your minibus comparison, this series moves slowly but can be enjoyable =]