Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Overview - A Fist Within Four Walls

Bearing the pain of having lost his family, Ruco Chan returns to the Walled City in hopes of finding his long-lost sister. The neighbourhood that he grew up in has become an unruly place dominated by evil forces. Ruco conceals his background as a disciple of "Eight Extremities Fist". Using a new identity, he meets feisty hair salon owner Nancy Wu, dentist Benjamin Yuen and labourer Jazz Lam. He also gains recognition from martial arts master Yuen Qiu.

In order to re-establish order in the Walled City, Ruco forms an association to stand up against the evil forces. This puts him in conflict with Yuen Qiu's son, Philip Ng, a champion black market fighter. Just as things appear to get on track, a key member of the triad is mysteriously killed with Eight Extremities Fist. Ruco and Nancy team up to investigate and discovers a connection to Grace Wong, who leads a striptease troupe. Subsequently, the truth about the death of Ruco's father is revealed. But what Ruco cannot get over is that someone close to him is part of an extremely cruel assassin organization. At the same time, he is forced into a preordained battle with his buddy that is 15 years late...

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