Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Theme Songs Analysis

Been wondering just how many TVB theme songs Jinny Ng has sung? 

  • Between January 2014 to July 2016, there have been 92 official theme and sub-theme songs performed for TVB series. 
  • The Voice Entertainment's "Big Four" (Alfred Hui, Fred Cheng, Hubert Wu, Jinny Ng) accounted for 33 of those songs, over a third. 
  • Jinny Ng has sung 9 theme and subtheme songs, the most of any artist. 
  • Alfred Hui and Fred Cheng are tied at second with 8.5 songs each. Hubert Wu comes in third with 7 songs. 
  • Fred Cheng has sung the most theme songs of any artist, with 6.5 songs. Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu both have 5.5 theme songs. 
  • Auston Lam's 6 subtheme songs are all from Come Home Love. Jinny Ng has the second most subtheme songs, with four. 
  • Artists who participated in at least two songs are shown in the graph. These 18 artists accounted for 73.5 songs, or 80%. 
  • Approximately 25 other artists account for the remaining 18.5 songs. ("Approximately" because some songs featured an ensemble of artists.)

The analysis includes the official theme and sub-theme songs from series that aired from January 2014 to July 2016. It includes Come Home Love, Return of the Silver Tongue and Coffee Cat Mama, up to Between Love & Desire. Only artists who have participated in at least two songs are shown in the graph.

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