Sunday, July 03, 2016

Overview - Between Love & Desire

The unbeatable lawyer Moses Chan believes that mastery in the legal arena is equivalent to mastery of life and that he can build a perfect life with his wife Maggie Siu. Unfortunately, when their pace and goals fall out of sync, betrayal happens and the perfect world crumbles down!

Now a law firm partner, Moses and his younger brother Brian Chu hit an impasse in life when they were younger. As a result, Moses vowed to climb to the pinnacle of power. To achieve his goal, Moses, who is good at controlling situations, handles matters without consideration of other people's feelings. Observing Moses' change in character, Maggie, who has always silently supported him, and Brian, who overcame hardship with him, gradually feel estranged.

Later, Maggie's mother passes away. Ben Wong, a long-time admirer of Maggie, breaks into her inner world. Ben, who is also a lawyer, cannot compare with Moses in terms of status and reputation, but he is able to provide for Maggie's emotional needs. Since then, Moses' family has been filled with suspicion and lies. Maggie decides to leave and is mysteriously attacked. She suspects the mastermind is the person that has been sleeping beside her - Moses! A series of events pushes Moses towards despair...

In the end, to save his relationship and search for his true life, Moses decides to start the journey from his heart and recover his lost sincerity.

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