Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overview - Storm in a Cocoon

Elliot Ngok owns the largest silk factory in Guangdong during the Republic era. But he is getting old and has left his eldest son (Evergreen Mak) and daughter (Akina Hong) in charge of running the business. Unfortunately, Akina commits suicide, albeit under mysterious circumstances. Elliot’s third son, Steven Ma, returns home from his job as a military medic to manage the family business. Steven finds too many unresolved questions surrounding Akina’s death. Tavia Yeung, Akina’s good friend and a worker in the silk factory, share the same suspicions. They decide to investigate together, but what they discover are the complex relationships between the family members and factory workers. Everyone appears to be suspicious, leaving Steven to feel pressure from all sides.

A group of unmarried women at the silk factory regard Maggie Siu as their leader, yet Maggie treats Tavia as her enemy. Natalie Tong, a new worker at the factory, joins the clique of women, but she actually has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Steven is deeply attracted to Tavia’s brave and righteous character. Just as they are developing their love for each other, Tavia’s fiancĂ© (Raymond Cho) suddenly reappears after having been missing for many years. This sets off a big storm that ultimately leads to bloodshed on the mulberry fields. The answer to Akina’s death turns out to be very surprising. As karma would have it, the family is trapped, like a silkworm in a cocoon. Steven and Tavia are determined to protect the family business, but are faced with numerous conflicts…

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  1. i'm pretty excited for this! the mystery seems pretty intriguing, hopefully it will live up to the expectations and stevia will have a happy ending! :D