Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overview - Gilded Chopsticks

Wong Cho Lam has tasted many delicacies since he was young. He can easily distinguish between good and bad dishes. Unfortunately, his family’s financial woes have left him and his servant Jack Wu homeless. They resort to selling buns for a living. Consequently, they meet a street performer (Joey Meng), the city’s most beautiful lady (Nancy Wu) and a young chef (Stephanie Ho). By chance, Cho Lam also comes across the 4th Imperial Prince (Ben Wong), whom he instantly gets along with.

Cho Lam is invited to be a chef in the palace, where he encounters his greatest rival (Bob Lam). He is unexpectedly brought into the royal succession battle started by the 8th Imperial Prince (Louis Cheung). Cho Lam turns out to be Ben's lucky star, helping Ben defeat Louis time and time again. However, an accidental marriage contract quickly changes his circumstances...

Gilded Chopsticks Promo Clips

Comment: Excited to do more Historical Context posts!

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